1. "For five weeks, both sides have been locked in a vicious circle of death. The Palestinians march to bury their dead. Then, enraged by the funerals, they begin to throw rocks and some fire guns at Israeli soldiers, who fire back, killing more Palestinians which leads to more funerals."

Violation of objectivity: Selective omission

CBS News presents three steps in the cycle of violence: 1) Israeli attack resulting in funerals, 2) Palestinian response, 3) Israeli attack.

Huh? CBS has conveniently omitted the actual first step, which is Palestinian rioters threatening the lives of Israeli soldiers.

CBS sounds like it is mimicking the classic Arafat lie. When asked by a reporter if he was willing to stop the violence in the Mideast, Arafat said, "I am not the one who initiated the violence. I am not the one attacking." (quoted at: )

2. Arafat blames all the recent violence on Ariel Sharon - Israel's hardline opposition leader -- who five weeks ago made a point of visiting a key Muslim holy place in Jerusalem, the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Arafat said he knew about Sharon's visit three days in advance, and tried to head it off because he knew it would trigger clashes.

"I had asked (Israeli Prime Minister) Ehud Barak and asked others why Sharon is insistent to come in this delicate time," Arafat said. "(Barak) kept silent. I raised this question to President Clinton to try with me to convince Barak not to give him the permission to go to visit," Arafat said. Arafat said he also told the European Union, the Vatican and Arab leaders about the planned visit.

Violation of objectivity: Imbalanced reporting

Arafat makes the outrageous claim that he beseeched world leaders, trying valiantly to stop Sharon's visit to the Temple Mount, fearing that it would lead to violence.

Although this statement is made in the context of an interview, "60 Minutes" is an "investigative journalism" program, and should ask Arafat to substantiate such a bold assertion.

Similarly, when Arafat later asserts that "Mr. Clinton remains popular among Palestinians," it is a direct contradiction of fact. Why did "60 Minutes" not question Arafat about anti-American demonstrations by Palestinians in the past month, where American flags are regularly torched, Madeline Albright is burned in effigy, and Presidents Clinton's picture is used for target practice? (See photos at:

3. "...[Shimon Peres] met with Arafat and both sides agreed finally to back off and try to live up to the Sharm el-Sheikh agreement. But that was easier said than done, especially since extremists on both sides seem beyond government control. For example, after the Peres-Arafat deal, the extremist group Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for a car bombing that killed two Israelis in Jerusalem."

Violation of objectivity: Distortion of facts

With the phrase "extremists on both sides seem beyond government control," CBS tries to equate Palestinian violence with some corresponding violence on the Israeli side. But since CBS cannot find any "beyond control" Israeli incidents to report, they cite only the example of the murderous Palestinian car bombing.

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