In a short but viscious article, The Times Of London accuses Israel of illegal building in Gaza. By manipulating fact and omitting context, The Times portrays Israel as initiating violence and stealing Palestinian land.

Bias One. Who is violating the Peace Accords?


"The Israeli Army opened a road for Jewish settlers in the Gaza Strip today on Palestinian agricultural land in violation of peace accords, media reports said."


The Times of London distorts the picture by omitting the context of Israel's actions. The reality of the situation is that Israel was forced to build a bypass road in order to prevent Palestinian gunmen from firing at Jewish civilians living in the Gaza Strip. A recent and most violent attack was the shooting of a school bus, killing two and injuring nine.

By omitting this context, The Times creates a false picture of the Israeli army seemingly rolling further into Gaza, when if fact it is purely a defensive measure in reaction to recent Palestinian violence.

Bias Two: Israel is accused of violence.


"In a fresh outbreak of violence, Israeli helicopter gunships launched a rocket attack overnight on a Palestinian refugee camp near the West Bank town of Bethlehem.


Three Palestinians were injured as the helicopters destroyed two houses in the Aida refugee camp."


In the above quote, The Times creates a picture of Israel attacking without reason, suddenly launching a "fresh outbreak of violence." Israel is portrayed as the naked aggressor. The Times fails to include what or whom the Israeli army is responding to.

The Israel army only responds with live ammunition if live ammunition is used, firing when the source is known. Indeed the IAF attack that evening was in response to exchanges of fire in the area of Rachel's Tomb. The target attacked was positively identified as one of the sources of the fire. This information was easily accessible, the question remains why it was not included.

Bias three: The Caption and the Photograph.

The key story regarding the photograph, which is omitted by the reporter, is that Arafat is photographed here brandishing a sub automatic machine gun. It is the first time this has happened since his return to Gaza in 1994. The same photograph was used widely in the press, most of whom commented on Arafat's carrying of arms. (eg: see: ) The Times of London fails to report this significant news.

This article is manipulative and one sided. By manipulating fact and omitting context. The Times of London portrays Israel as initiating violence and stealing Palestinian land.

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It is important to stress:

  1. Only Israel is accused of breaking accords and that there is no reference to Palestinian Violations.


  2. Only Israeli military sources are quoted, it is as if there are no Israeli civilians.


  3. Only Israel is portrayed as using violence. It is as if there is no violence from the Palestinians. Refer to the recent attack on a school bus.



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