Stop the Bias at CBC

It's time for Neil Macdonald to go.

Bitter Medicine

Israel-bashing in medical journals.

UNRWA's Hamas Employees

A UN official admits that Hamas members are on his payroll. Media outlets ignore it.

Reuters Admits Appeasing Terrorists

Reuters refusal to use the word 'terrorist' is due to intimidation from thugs and their supporters.

Media Ins and Outs

Selective reporting slants news coverage of key Mideast issues.

How Arafat's Gunmen Suppress the News

Suppressing news by threatening reporters with violence or death is one of the dirty little secrets of Middle East journalism.

The Case of Reuters

How ironic that Reuters -- founded by the son of a rabbi -- displays bias against the Jewish state.

Media Straddling the Fence

Coverage of the UN court's condemnation of the security fence omitted some key information.

It's the News, Stupid

Lessons learned from an intensive week in the Middle East.

Living in a Bubble

The BBC's very own Mideast foreign policy.

New Yorker Manipulations

Jeffrey Goldberg's recent piece about Israeli settlers so distorted and sloppy with facts as to raise questions about his other writing.

Jenin: Massacring Truth

A new documentary explores the damaging myth and underlying media bias against Israel.

The Anti-Israel Monopoly in the UK

In Britain, it is open season on both Israel and the Jews.

World Turned Upside-Down

A survey of media praise for Israel's strike against the Hamas leader.

Sheikh Yassin's 'Happiest Day'

Early media reports misrepresent the IDF strike. Be on the lookout for these four myths.

The James Carroll Paradox

Why has this thoughtful writer missed or distorted vital information about the Arab-Israeli conflict?

Friedman's Conspiracy Theory

Shocking words from a New York Times columnist.

Swedish 'Art' Outrage

A formal protest would have been lost in the back channels of European diplomacy. So he chose to scream.

Off the Fence

Bob Simon's 60 Minutes segment on the fence Israel is building to thwart terrorists was manipulative and shaky on key factual assertions.

A Nihilist on Anti-Semitism

The LA Times gives op-ed space to a professor who has called for the destruction of the State of Israel.

2003 Dishonest Reporting "Award"

Reuters is cited for the most biased coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Misleading Times

No one should be permitted to deny what is perhaps the most ancient and legitimate claim of any people on any piece of land. Not even The New York Times.

Pandering to Genocide

A vulnerable Jewish professor publicly advocates the dismantling of Israel as a sovereign Jewish nation.

The Media's Mideast Relativism

Under the guise of objectivity, the media tries to 'democratize' a corrupt and dictatorial Palestinian regime.

Fork in the Road Map

As Israel's prime ministers travels to Washington, observers are wondering: Did the road map take a detour?

Hijacked by the Hudna

The road map is taking a back seat to an internal Palestinian deal.

Arafat's Prime Minister

Arafat keeps his grip on the reigns of power, and appoints a Holocaust-denier to handle daily affairs.

Reuters Ruins Rachel's Tomb

Israel's plan to stop Palestinian violence is sensationalized by Reuters as "splitting Christ's birthplace."

The Scheming Canadian Journalist

CBC's Mideast correspondent instigates other reporters to join his protest.

With His Dying Breath

Noam Apter's heroic act saved countless lives. Why didn't more people hear about it?

Shame on the CBC

CBC's Mideast coverage is amoral, irresponsible and rife with double standards.

Dishonest Reporting 'Award' for 2002

The British media's coverage of Jenin wins the ignoble prize for the most skewed and biased reporting on the Mideast conflict.

Dishonest Reporting: Media Bias Against Israel

Dishonest reporting has made truth a casualty of the war, causing grievous damage to both Israel and the integrity of the journalistic profession.

Media Critique #50 - Scorning the Island of Democracy

Commentators make outlandish comparisons of democratic Israel to the world's worst dictatorial despots.

Standing Up for Israel

When it comes to the Middle East, the Chicago Sun-Times is a beacon of sanity.

Anniversary of Sept. 11 in the Media

A review of media issues relating to Sept. 11 in light of the Mideast conflict.

Misrepresenting Terror

The Washington Post sympathizes with a Hamas leader, and Time magazine 'blames' Israel for decreasing the violence.

No Trophies for Terrorists

Israel should keep cameras away from scenes of carnage

UN Report on Jenin

The media tries to mop up its horrific coverage of Jenin. Some newspapers succeed.

Media Fails at Hebrew University

The media tries to justify the bombing of an Israeli cafeteria as some kind of tit-for-tat.

Media Rubble in Gaza

Israel wipes out a most-wanted terrorist. Is the media reporting the whole story?

This is CNN?

By providing statistics for the last six months only, CNN's in-depth look at the Victims of Terror ends up downplaying the true story.

Winds of Change at CNN

CNN announces a series of major policy changes in favor of the Israeli position.

Verbal Violence

More media bias from the New York Times. This time unrelated to the Middle East.

First Report from the Holyland

Contemporary media bias against Israel has its spiritual roots in the biblical spy story.


Malicious and slanderous reports against Israel abound in the British press.

Immoral Equivalence

The Jews and their enemies today are no more morally equivalent than are the Peace Corps and Al Qaeda.

Turning A Blind Eye to Murder

Western diplomats and journalists are legitimizing mass murder.

Media Critique #42 - Atrocities of the British Press

The method of the IDF operation in Jenin helped reduce civilian casualties. The UK media parrots Palestinian claims it was a massacre.

The Media's 'Occupation' Myth

Instead of factual reporting, the mainstream media has placed culpability on both parties, creating a perception of equal aggression, of a 'cycle' of violence.

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