Media Critique #41: Misreporting Terror

Suicide bombers are coming from Arafat's Fatah Al-Aqsa Brigade, even as Arafat meets with U.S. envoy Anthony Zinni to pledge his devotion to peace.

Media Critique #40: Critique of the Washington Post

Lee Hockstader delivers page one sympathy for Palestinian combatants.

Denial: A River in Egypt

The Arab media denies reality and claims the recent capture of the cargo ship carrying 50 tons of contraband arms is an Israeli fabrication. But what else is new?

Dishonest Reporting 'Award' 2001

Recognizing the year's most skewed and biased reporting.

Media Critique #37 - Newsweek-MSNBC Rewrites History

A comparison of the lives of Sharon and Arafat packs a lot of bias into 100 words.

European Media and Anti-Israel Bias

A British journalist in Israel chronicles the shocking, systematic anti-Israel bias of the European media.

Reuters' Overshadowing Bias

When Palestinian gunmen machine-gun Jewish shoppers, Reuters lumps the attackers' deaths together with the victims.

Media Critique #35: Spouting Off

Some small papers join in the slander against Israel -- including an accusation of discrimination against Christians.

Media Critique #34: Eyeless In Gaza

Harper's magazine accuses Israeli troops of murdering Palestinian children for sport.

Media Critique #33 - Danger of Militant Islam

Is Bin Laden motivated by radical Islamic teachings? Some fifth columnists say ‘no -- it's all Israel's fault.'

Media Critique #32 - Terror and the Media_

The terror war has gone global. How does this media coverage affect Israel?

Why Israel is Losing The Media War

A 3-month investigation reveals the underlying basis for Palestinian sympathies in the media.

Media Critique #31: Moral Absurdity Downunder

"60 Minutes" in Australia justifies suicide bombings and denying Israel's right to self-defense.

Media Critique #30: Terror in Jerusalem

Mass carnage of Jewish civilians is not enough for CNN to stop parroting the Palestinian line.

Media Critique #29 - No Quarter To Terrorists

The world jumps on Israel for its campaign to eliminate the Hamas terrorist threat. What alternative option would they recommend pursuing?

Media Critique #28 - Arafat's Rehab at the Times

After being denounced by the world as an obstacle to peace, Yasser Arafat is now rehabilitated by the Western media.

Media Critique #27 - White-Washing the Bloody Hands

A vile, insulting screed from the Washington Post tries to win sympathy for the bloody-handed Ramallah lyncher.

Why Are They Saying All Those Terrible Things About Israel?

Israel-bashing in the media: is it just coincidence, or are there other factors driving this trend?

Media Critique #26 - CNN's "Shootout"

When a Palestinian commits pre-meditated murder against an Israeli at point-blank range, CNN merely says that a 'gunfight broke out.'

Remember the Bible

It is time to stop being afraid of mentioning the Jewish people's biblical right to the Land of Israel.

Media Critique #25 - Toronto Star's Biased Contenta

One of Canada's leading newspapers consistently publishes a one-sided view of the Middle East, to the point of glorifying suicide bombers.

Media Critique #24 - Arafat Unmasked

What we knew all along – that Yasser Arafat is responsible for the violence – is now gaining a voice in the mainstream media.

Media Critique #23 - Associated Press Mess

Associated Press focuses on the suffering of the bomber and downplays his bestial act.

"New Rules" For Mideast Reporting

Next time you read about Israel in the newspaper, be sure you know how to read between the lines.

The Propaganda Barrage

Murdered Israeli children, the Pope's visit to Syria, and a boatload of weapons off Gaza.

Media Critique: How Can CNN Keep a Straight Face

Just when we thought that CNN could get no worse...

Media Critique #20 - Toddler 'Dies'

Reporting a murder in the passive form changes the meaning entirely. Someone at the Associated Press tried to pull a fast one.

Why is the Media Biased?

The reasons abound, but the result is the same: Israel is getting a bad rap in the world media.

Media Critique #19 - Reuters Photo Bias

The world's largest news agency distributes photos that focus heavily toward the Palestinians as victims.

Media Critique #18 - Sanitizing Arafat

Time magazine treats readers to 3,400 words, painting a rosy picture of Yasser Arafat. Most of the facts are incorrect.

Media Critique #17 - The British Guardian

British newspaper blames Israel for everything. When readers complain, the newspaper blames them, too.

Media Critique #16 - Sympathy for a Terrorist

When a Palestinian murders 8 Israelis, the world media downplays the event -- or ignores it altogether.

Media Critique #15 - Harper's Magazine and The Palestinian Question

This overview of Palestinian issues is grossly one-sided. Such blatant propaganda does not belong in any respectable publication.

Media Critique #14 - Jerusalem Rally on CNN

Hundreds of thousands rally in support of Jerusalem. CNN treats it like a sneeze.

National Public Radio and Terror

NPR consistently softens the image of those who kill Israelis.

Media Critique #11 - Times of London, December 4

By manipulating fact and omitting context, The Times of London portrays Israel as initiating violence and stealing Palestinian land.

Media Critique #9: CNN

CNN continues to misrepresent events in Israel and create a climate of public opinion against Israel.

Media Critique #7 - CBS News

CBS and 60 Minutes gives Yasser Arafat an unchallenged forum for some outrageous allegations.

Media Critique #6 British Media and Selective Omission

Between the BBC and the Times of London, the British media is becoming notorious for biased anti-Israel reporting. Some glaring examples from the past week.

Media Critique #5 Barak's "Difficult Consequences"

Barak warns of 'difficult consequences' if Arafat fails to curb violence; at least 5 Palestinians killed in new clashes.

Media Critique #4 News from London

BBC and the London Times consistently distort the facts to portray Israel as the aggressor.

My Friend Taki Has Gone Too Far

Last week's anti-Israel diatribe by The Spectator's High Life columnist is almost worthy of Goebbels, says Conrad Black.

Media Critique #2 CNN

In this article, CNN distorts the facts, skews the picture and downplays an attack on Jewish civilians.

Media Critique #1 - Newsweek's media analysts identify a variety of journalistic violations in this "mainstream" article.

Photo Fraud in Lebanon

The incredible inside story of fraudulent 'news' photos coming out of Lebanon.

Media Critique: Time's "Fields of Fire"

In an article bad enough to cancel your subscription over, Time magazine implicates Israel in the deaths of Palestinian children.

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