The Jewish History of Afghanistan

A long lost chapter of Jews in the Diaspora.

Remembering Steven Sotloff

The murdered journalist clung to his Jewish identity in captivity.

Jewish Education, 75 Years After WWII

Ensuring the physical and spiritual survival of the Jewish people today.

A Hate Incident in LA

An Arab yelled at me, my wife and our four kids: “I hope your children die! Just like you’re killing children in Gaza!”

Zara’s Holocaust Shirt

The fashion faux pas is offensive, but save your indignation and focus on more critical issues.

In Search of Aaron Sofer

Let's do our part to help find our missing Jewish brother.

Why Jews Are Worried

The renowned historian on the rising anti-Semitism in Europe.

The Rise of Anti-Semitism in Britain

Nearly two thirds of British Jews are questioning their future in the United Kingdom.

Rabbi Shot Walking to Shul

The motivation for this crime is being investigated, but nothing can justify the killing of an innocent man walking to his place of worship.

The Hamas Miracle

How did a terrorist organization sworn to Israel’s destruction, using human shields, firing rockets at populated areas become the good guys and Israel the bad?

The Jew in You

How real is your Jewish identity?

The Shocking Murder of Ilan Halimi

In 2006 a young Parisian Jew was kidnapped and brutally murdered because he was Jewish. French authorities initially refused to believe it was a hate crime.

Searching for the Third Temple

In Israel, my 4-year-old son was on a mission to see the Temple being rebuilt. We were all surprised when he found it.

The Anti-Zionism Lie

They are not shouting “Death to the Israelis” on the streets of Paris. They are screaming “Death to the Jews.”

Attacking Jews over Gaza

Threats and violence against Jews – ostensibly as protest for the current war in Gaza – have spread to cities worldwide.

No More Apologies

I am sick of apologizing for Israel when it is Israel that really deserves an apology.

Hamas’s Secret Weapon

Hamas counts on Jewish compassion to compensate for their weakness.

Could You Ignore a Holocaust?

Without this quality, it's likely you would. With it, we can remain united.

For Being a Jew

Rabbi Akiva, Daniel Pearl and our three boys.

18 Days

Do not let our heightened sense of unity, love and connection die out with their deaths.

Were Our Prayers in Vain?

The entire Jewish world is plunged into mourning.

Mourning Together

We are a people who treasure life, surrounded by those who revere death.

A Nation United in Grief

With broken hearts we mourn with the three families.

Apologies to the Jewish People

Five apologies that Jews would rather hear than Gary Oldman’s.

Mock Eviction

Campus eviction notices are fake, but their anti-Semitism is real.

The Three Boys & the World

We are indeed one family. And one that dwells alone.

Strangers on a Train in Germany

Who was this kippah-clad, non-Jewish looking German sitting across from me?

Kidnapped Teens’ Families

Families of abducted Israeli teens refuse to succumb to despair.

The Kidnapping of Three Israeli Teens

How should Jews respond to crisis?

Velvele's Shoe

From the Death March to Israel, a piece of leather connects generations.

Almost Anonymous

Meet the man behind the some of the most well-known Jewish songs.

10 Things to Love about Being Jewish

Take a moment to appreciate this most precious gift.

Rabbi Berel Wein: Influences & Reflections

The notable historian describes some of the pivotal figures who shaped his outlook as a community rabbi.

Sinai’s Big Bang

An unparalleled boom of spiritual light and energy.

A Rare Pope Indeed

Only three popes out of 266 have been brave enough to make significant changes in the Church’s relationship with the Jews.

UCLA Thought Police

We need to stand up against attempts to bully and intimidate pro-Israel students on campus.

A Billion People Hate Me

Should the ADL global study on anti-Semitism be cause for alarm?

Revamping the Bar Mitzvah Experience

My bar mitzvah was a celebration of ignorance. It’s time to stop the charade.

Protecting Jews in Ukraine

Odessa's Jewish community leader speaks out on threats of violence. An exclusive.

Growing Intimidation on Campus

Jewish students tell university administrators: stop hiding.

When Jews Do Bad

Is Donald Sterling’s racism worse because he’s a Jew?

Anti-Semitism Adapts and Thrives

The oldest hatred has assumed a new form for a new age: hostility to Zionism and Israel.

Anti-Semitism in America

The Kansas City JCC murders remind us that virulent anti-Semitism does exists in the United States.

Jews Leaving France

French anti-Semitism and French aliyah skyrocket on parallel tracks.

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