A Chanukah Carol

In one moment of silence, my Jewish identity was born.

The Friday Night Shabbat Dinner Experience

A great way to kindle Jewish continuity.

Fleeing the Hijab

As a Jewish girl living in Iran I was enraged that I was forced to wear a hijab. I was determined to attain freedom.

Obsessed with the Holocaust

It’s crazy, I know, but I often imagine another Holocaust is right around the corner.

10 Ways to Make December More Jewish

Helping kids enjoy being Jewish during December – and all year round.

Photos of the Last Remaining Synagogues in the Muslim World

11 beautiful photos of shuls that were once home to thriving Jewish communities.

Life with Arabs in Jerusalem

The Har Nof massacre has stripped away the veneer of security, leaving us feeling vulnerable.

Ambassador for Israel

A tribute to Charley Levine, the Israeli-Texan PR giant.

From the Four Widows

In the midst of the most horrific nightmare, these righteous women are reaching out to the Jewish world with a message of hope.

Campus Mezuzah Attacks

At one California college, anti-Semitism repeatedly rears its ugly head.

From Radical Jihadist to Canadian Undercover Agent

An exclusive interview with Mubin Shaikh, the mole who infiltrated the Toronto 18.

The Shabbat that Shook the World

Tales from an unprecedented event that took the world by storm.

My Son’s Bar Mitzvah: My 5 Big Mistakes

Don’t sweat the details and make sure you focus on the meaning of the day.

Choosing a Jewish Burial

My sister was having second thoughts about her decision to be cremated.

Have You Embraced a Convert Today?

Converts personify a Judaism that is fresh and exciting. Does that make us jealous?

Protesting the Met’s “Death of Klinghoffer”

The death of Leon Klinghoffer cannot be explained away.

The Shabbat Project: Making History

As the sun dips below the horizon on October 24, an estimated one million people worldwide will be participating in this extraordinary initiative.

The Shabbat App

We have become enslaved to the very technology designed to liberate us.

Paula Abdul is Keeping Shabbat

Discover why she is part of the upcoming worldwide Shabbat Project.

The Jews of Syria: A Lost Civilization

Syrian Jewry’s illustrious past began thousands of years ago. Today some 50 Jews remain.

Jews Across the World Unite

What better way to go into Yom Kippur than joining the world in keeping one complete Shabbat together.

5 True Stories for Yom Kippur

From a Soviet labor camp to an ISIS prison, inspiring stories of people who clung to observing Yom Kippur, despite the odds.

Midnight in the Old City

What draws tens of thousands of Jews, night after night, to the midnight Selichot service?

A Holy Family

If you want God to treat you as His child, you must treat other people as your brothers and sisters.

The Death of Klinghoffer Controversy

It is a disgrace that The New York Metropolitan Opera insists on performing this offensive, anti-Semitic work.

Don Fernando Aguilar’s Amazing Shofar

How a community of Jews defied the Spanish Inquisition to listen to the Shofar.

Mother of Murdered Israeli Teen

Remembering one year since the tragedy. Rachelle Fraenkel's inspiring message to the Jewish people.

A Memorial for Steven Sotloff

Even though the Islamic terrorists tried to get people to convert, Steven did not.

6 Surprising Facts about Jewish Scotland

Welcome to the land of Jewish kilts and kosher haggis.

Uniting Out of Love, Not Hate

How to free ourselves from the burden of isolation and anti-Semitism.

Defending David Gordon

His death has not been declared a suicide, despite what you may have read on the Internet.

The Jewish History of Afghanistan

A long lost chapter of Jews in the Diaspora.

Remembering Steven Sotloff

The murdered journalist clung to his Jewish identity in captivity.

Jewish Education, 75 Years After WWII

Ensuring the physical and spiritual survival of the Jewish people today.

A Hate Incident in LA

An Arab yelled at me, my wife and our four kids: “I hope your children die! Just like you’re killing children in Gaza!”

Zara’s Holocaust Shirt

The fashion faux pas is offensive, but save your indignation and focus on more critical issues.

In Search of Aaron Sofer

Let's do our part to help find our missing Jewish brother.

Why Jews Are Worried

The renowned historian on the rising anti-Semitism in Europe.

The Rise of Anti-Semitism in Britain

Nearly two thirds of British Jews are questioning their future in the United Kingdom.

Rabbi Shot Walking to Shul

The motivation for this crime is being investigated, but nothing can justify the killing of an innocent man walking to his place of worship.

The Hamas Miracle

How did a terrorist organization sworn to Israel’s destruction, using human shields, firing rockets at populated areas become the good guys and Israel the bad?

The Jew in You

How real is your Jewish identity?

The Shocking Murder of Ilan Halimi

In 2006 a young Parisian Jew was kidnapped and brutally murdered because he was Jewish. French authorities initially refused to believe it was a hate crime.

Searching for the Third Temple

In Israel, my 4-year-old son was on a mission to see the Temple being rebuilt. We were all surprised when he found it.

The Anti-Zionism Lie

They are not shouting “Death to the Israelis” on the streets of Paris. They are screaming “Death to the Jews.”

Attacking Jews over Gaza

Threats and violence against Jews – ostensibly as protest for the current war in Gaza – have spread to cities worldwide.

No More Apologies

I am sick of apologizing for Israel when it is Israel that really deserves an apology.

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