Bar and Bat Mitzvahs are a time of momentous change and possibility. Children transform into adults and become responsible for their actions and religious conduct for the first time.

Here are some great gift suggestions to mark this important milestone.

Kiddush Cup: a beautiful kiddush cup is used to make the Kiddush blessing at the start of Shabbat and holiday meals and enhances the Shabbat and holiday table.

Israel Bonds: available in 2, 3, 5 or 10 year forms, Israel bonds help kids save, and at the same time invest in the Jewish state.

A Jewish cookbook: for kids who like to cook, a Jewish cookbook can help them experience Jewish culture in a whole new way.

Your 5 favorite Jewish books: studies show that being surrounded by lots of books makes us smarter; choose a few of your favorite Jewish-themed books and help a bat or bat mitzvah kickstart their personal Jewish library.

Star of David or Chai Jewelry: a Jewish star or “Chai” (which means life in Hebrew) are classic Jewish symbols that can help kids display pride in their heritage in a fun, beautiful way.

Tefillin: These special containers are worn by bar mitzvah boys during weekday morning prayers. Available from specialty stores (ask your local rabbi for advice), a set of tefillin is something a bar mitzvah can use his whole life, enhancing the way he prays and connects with the Divine.

Tzedakah Box: Having a beautiful tzedakah (charity) box around reminds kids that giving to others is a crucial part of being a Jew.

The Tanach: Tanach is an acronym for Torah, Neviim (Prophets) and Ketuvim (Writings), that comprise the Jewish Bible. Every bat and bar mitzvah should have access to one to look up information, read the stories, and in general get a first-hand understanding of this bedrock Jewish text. Easy to read English versions can be found at

Pirkei Avot/Ethics of the Fathers: this classic Jewish work introduces the major rabbis and scholars of ancient Israel, along with their most pithy and quotable sayings that they were known for repeating. It is a profound collection of wise sayings.

Down payment on a trip to Israel: some local Jewish organizations or programs will allow you to donate to a child’s future trip; ask a local rabbi for suggestions about options in your community.

Shabbat candlesticks: a pair of beautiful candlesticks will be used for years to come as Jewish girls and women usher the beautiful light of Shabbat and of Jewish holidays into their families’ homes. Styles vary, from traditional brass or silver to avant garde creations.

Their Torah Portion in Art: many Jewish artists create beautiful pictures using micrography, the art of drawing and shading using tiny written text. Look for a book of the Bible or a weekly Torah portion illustrated in this unique style.

Passover Haggadah: this is a timeless gift that’s guaranteed to be used each year. Look for beautifully illustrated Haggadahs or those with useful commentary.

Donation to a meaningful cause: donating to an important cause in a bar or bat mitzvah child’s name guarantees them a connection with communal organizations or charities, and helps them feel they are sharing in communal projects.

Jewish music: getting familiar with Jewish songs and learning the words can help them enjoy Jewish culture in a whole new way.

Siddur: a Jewish prayer book makes a great gift. Some stores will emboss the cover with a name. Check out for ideas.

Family Heirloom: nothing says welcome to the community of Jewish adults quite like passing on a treasured family heirloom to your child. Whether it’s a family prayer shawl, a grandparent’s favorite book, or other item that’s been passed down, consider entrusting a bar or bat mitzvah with a family heirloom. It’s powerful to make young adults the latest link in your family chain to use treasured family possessions.

Jewish Summer Camp: attending Jewish summer is one of the most reliable predictors of Jewish identity later in life. Consider offering to help defray the cost of this life-changing experience.

Beautiful Thank You Cards: as well as reminding kids to say thank you, these will come in handy as they follow up with all the friends and relatives who gave them bar or bat mitzvah gifts!