The Jewish Stench Libel

Rebirth of a medieval canard: The Jews cannot justify anything they do.

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(3) Dvirah, January 31, 2019 8:39 PM

Frustrating Situation

I noticed this also in various on-line discussions with anti-Israel people. They simply don't accept any evidence that contradicts their predetermined opinions. Nor will they accept that their opinions are not based on fact. Indeed, one in particular had all the hallmarks of true can we break thru to such people even enough to get a fair hearing?

Anonymous, February 1, 2019 6:43 AM

Saw a film last night

at a college in the area. 1948: Creation and Catastrophe. It portrayed the voices of Israelis and Palestinians, their experiences and perceptions of what transpired in 1948. It was gut wrenching at times, very emotional to watch.

I had planned to view it previously in another city, but it ended up being censured there and was pulled.

Since my teens I had heard only one side, to the point I didn't even know there was another side.

I came away thinking each side needed to break through to the other and I doubt peace will be obtained until that happens.

Even truth and fact are not as concrete as one would seem. I hope the film is viewed nationwide.

I got choked up hearing HaTikvah... it usually impacts me that way. So, I couldn't imagine why everyone didn't feel the same.

Dvirah, February 1, 2019 10:01 AM


It is clearly demonstrated that Israel has been listening to her enemies "voice", but not the other way around. A full explication is rather long, but a few points, anyway:
1. It is demonstrable that yes, at first the returning Jews were preoccupied with their own self-determination only, but once they became aware that the Arab community also had similar yearnings, they adjusted their program to accommodate compromise (witness the various partition plans) - not so the Arabs.
2. In 1967 Israel was ready to return 90% of the "conquered" land in return for a cessation of hostilities - and was answered by a resounding NO - the "infamous 3 nos" of Khartoum: no recognition of Israel, no peace with Israel, no negotiations with Israel.
3. Arab/Pal. autonomy is rather a sore point with me, since in 1967 the "West Bank", at least, WAS autonomous, with a working Civil Service in all its branches - and in 1986 Arafat deliberately ordered that all people active in the Civil Service leave their jobs, effectively destroying the autonomy by creating a service/power vacuum. Israel was faced with the choice of leaving the people there with no services or providing them under the guise of a "subjugator" and choose the latter - thus providing Arafat with the excuse for the first Intifada.
4. The

Anonymous, February 1, 2019 10:04 AM


4. The full withdrawals from Lebanon and Gaza, without even the promises (since broken) of the PA, show that Israel does listen and try to accommodate the Arab/Pal. But show me one thing the Arab/Pal. have done in return except more violence - even when agreed to in a signed negotiation/treaty.

Anonymous, February 1, 2019 2:46 PM

Thanks, Dvirah

for such a thoughtful response. I did not know that Arafat ordered all the civil service people to leave their jobs. I appreciate that information. And anything more you can share.

I do wish though Netanyahu would slow the settlement building, and get a handle on the settler violence. It is real, and when even in Hebrew media I see the words Jewish terrorists used, I feel ill.

There are separate military courts for kids in West Bank, and Jewish violence is met with a slap on the wrist. Not all of these kids are terrorists on the Palestinian side. I am talking people, and they are living misery every single day, they are experiencing it daily.

With the protests, their Great March, they want the right of return for refugees, the countries that took them in did not assimilate them, they are still in camps, and I understand that will lead to no more Israel, but then they see that Jews all over the world can make Aliyah. The protest was not all Hamas, it was civil society, mainly, Israel used butterfly bullets that shattered limbs leading to tons of amputations, of teens, kids. Their kites can't compare.

I have personally seen the aggression even here toward anyone who tries to speak. Others mention it too, the aggression toward democrats for one. This is unacceptable for Jews to speak to one another this way. Aish deletes a lot of posts, and within our own people we need to remain open to one another. Kicking out other Jews from the tribe, is not okay.

Please post more, of the information you have, as you have done, because we need to know all of it, and it frustrates me when things are hidden. Please try to see this film if you have the chance. I had tears streaming the entire time. Thank you Dvirah.

Dvirah, February 9, 2019 8:51 PM

More Answers

Part of the difference in treatment is that the Pal. are not citizens and therefore fall under a different set of laws, although I agree that violence should be dealt with more strictly.
As for their daily misery, this is really something that the PA should be dealing with - they are supposed to be their elected government, after all. With all due respect, Israel is under enough threat and really has no obligation to deal lightly with those who wish to destroy her. Compare any other country's reaction to such provocation and you will see just how careful of her enemies Israel is.
Just for info, another little-known fact: in the 1970's the Israeli government built about 6-7 housing tracts ("all mod cons" as they say) for the Arabs in the refugee camps - the idea being to move them out of the camps and into regular housing. Arafat put out a pamphlet saying anyone who moved to the new houses would not only be killed himself but all his family - meaning extended family, siblings and cousins as well as immediate family - would likewise be killed. Of course, nobody moved. In 1986, when the houses had been standing empty some 10 years, a different Israeli government opened them to Israeli citizens and new immigrants. This was the beginning of what is called the "settler program" (the legal one; there is also an illegal one which causes great problems to Israel) and the reason why some "settlements" are so close to the refugee camps.

Anonymous, February 9, 2019 8:52 PM

More Answers continued

Today, when these same refugee camps are under PA jurisdiction, is it not suspicious that the PA has not done anything about improving conditions, if not building their own modern housing and demolishing the camps completely? This is not a matter of lack of money - the Pal. get huge amounts in "humanitarian" aid. So where is all that cash going?
Re "right of return" - this is also something the PA can grant in the territory under its control. After all, the Israeli right of return is based on the idea that Jews are returning to their ancient homeland. The Pal. "right of return" is equivalent to Israel's demanding that Austria, Germany, Poland, etc. turn out whoever is living in the homes and apartments where Jews lived before the Holocaust and putting the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of those Jews there instead. Not the same thing at all!

Alan S., February 2, 2019 10:16 PM

Excellent comments Dvirah.

Wise, eloquent, truthful. Yasher Koach to you!!

(2) Beno Pipersberg, January 31, 2019 2:14 AM

If the BDS followers will stop using all the inventions and innovations by Israel and the Jewish people, then they might change their confused mind!

(1) Mordechai Becher, January 30, 2019 7:37 PM


The video is actually in mirror-image of the original due to editing, hence the mezuzah appears to be placed incorrectly. I assure the viewers and in my original, non-mirrored house, the mezuzah is placed correctly.


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