In Connecticut, a Jewish woman was notified by her condo’s board that she must remove her mezuzah from the doorpost – as it was “in violation of the rules.”

See the video below and share your comments: Should a condo association have the right to block placement of religious symbols in the public spaces?

Postscript: After the woman threatened to sue, the condo association backed off. “The board members didn't realize what a mezuzah was," the condo’s attorney explained.

Ummm… didn't they ever hear of Wikipedia?

Postscript #2: Take a close look at the placement of the mezuzah (at 0:33 of the video). The Hebrew name of God, "Sha-dai," which is written on the back of the parchment, is not visible and is apparently facing the wall. As our article notes: When placing the mezuzah on the wall, be sure that the name of God is facing outward (i.e. toward the entrance once it is affixed).

Maybe all this publicity came about just so she can fix her mezuzah!