What is a Jew?

A religion? Nation? Race? Culture?

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(7) Roger Edens, January 24, 2019 2:35 AM

Thank you for your website. Roger

(6) Stephan, December 31, 2018 9:34 PM

Very well done !

Every time i watch one of these video's i find something brand new i did not know before ,Ken spiro does a fantastic job of making the history seem alive !

(5) Anonymous, November 11, 2018 2:50 AM

We are a race!

Jewish people are a race! We are Semites, we are one of the various tribes from the Middle East who chose to follow Abraham in the idea of one God, then a whole Jewish culture and interaction with God xperience and history made Jewish the people of the bible, it is true that diaspora made us become different in look, but we are all descendants from the Jews who followed Abraham, and we can't denied that our origin, all the ones who continue to claim they are Jews, are Semites, it is a race.
Also we need to ask ourselves who were the people who followed Abraham? And again, probably people from the area, Sumer, maybe just local people, maybe just the tribe from where Abraham belonged to, but for sure we are Semites in origin and in our DNA. evidently people who converted are not part of Jewish origin, but otherwise, there are so many Jews who lived in isolation for so many centuries, and remained Jews

(4) Anonymous, November 9, 2018 4:08 PM

Jewish people are not a race?

So are the Jewish people not supposed to be the tribes of Israel? If you read in the history it absolutely describes the Tribes of Israel as a race. It could be traced from Father Adam to Abraham and on to this day. The blood of Israel flows in the veins of People to this day, does that make it a Race? Yes there are the factors of religion, nation, and there are other races, colors that have taken on the religion and adopted into the Jewish people and their cultures and traditions. Even in the history God spoke to the Family of Israel (which originally was one family of the same color and blood) saying to adopt certain peoples by marriage and to not have anything to do with certain people and races because of their impurity before god. So i beg to differ on the race part. A person can become adopted into a family and not be of the same blood but yet become part of that family. And as the children of Israel adopted other people into their family eventually their traditions and cultures and mixing of seed they became part of the blood. It would be their children and children’s children but eventually they were of the blood of Israel. Maybe i am crazy? Maybe i need more enlightening? Maybe a Jew and the Blood of Israel are two different people? I would think it would be a thing to be proud of the heritage we were blessed with by the projenators before. The sacrifices and blood that was spilt to keep that blood line alive and pure from corruption that God desired to keep from it. I would think it would be a thing to shout out and say, Awake all Israel! The pure believing blood in Israel, be grateful for the blessings God has given you. Awake to who you really are! Awake to the tru and pure truths of Heaven! Don’t be hotly. Don’t be sickening proud. Be proud enough to change all unholy ways and Don’t try to change who you are so you can fit in with the rest of the world. Only change your ways to be in oneness with God! Remember who you are and what you are striving for!

(3) Giovanni, November 7, 2018 2:46 AM

God bless the Jews!

(2) Steve, November 7, 2018 1:21 AM


Strongest people on Earth!

(1) Anonymous, November 6, 2018 8:47 PM

Ken Spiro What is a Jew

Dear Ken, now I have a new Passbord. following Your introduction but had a very hard time from salking and more.
In this moment I ws very happy to see You in the short nice
spots You gave up. As You see so much people in Aish, You
will not remembre me. But Thank You for all the lessons in
Aish Ha Torah and even now.
If possible, please, would You be as to give my regards to
Shmuel Shwartz and Motty Berger, and Smith and Neckerman.
They were so helpful when I was new shocked about my grandparens history when I had visited the pages in Yad Vashem. if You still see them and it would be very
nice, to tell me if You think there is someone here in Europ,
able to helo me to return and complete my Aliyah-process.
If it would be possible to live there again and mybe some of
You in Israel would be as kind as to help me. The problems I
had where created from Niazov and his gang, who narcoticated and raped me in Vienna and his long arms even
in Israel, who followed his commandments to destroy my
authority and lives basics. N. is still free, butas I know from one other lady and victim of his horrable perversion, he acted
on other ladies and thy are having israels passboard.
By myself I wanted to sta


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