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Should Jews Support Ukraine?

Despite Ukraine having a Jewish president, some Jews are conflicted about aiding the ongoing crisis due to the complex history of Ukrainian Jewry. Let's unpack the issue.

The Jewish Trader called “One Tongue” by Native Americans

Julius Meyer spoke six Native American languages in 19th century Nebraska.

Why Really Everyone Believes in Free Will

If free will doesn't exist, then there is no meaningful truth or morality. That's why, deep down, pretty much everyone believes in it.

Matcha Honey Challah Recipe

The gorgeous green challah that tastes as good as it looks.

Travel Advisory

Something to think about while traveling….

Dirty Soda Made Jewish Recipe

Egg creams are the original #dirtysoda

Colombian-Inspired Babka Recipe

Filled with either cream cheese and guava paste or dulce de leche and coconut.

Discovering the Jewish Cuisine of Colombia through Encanto

What if the Madrigal family were descended from Sephardic Jews?

Inventing Religion

If you're going to make up a religion, you'd better not make promises you can't keep. Parshat Behar contains a huge promise that only the Creator could make.

Judaism and the Multiverse

Insights from the film Everything Everywhere All at Once.

History of the Jews of Yemen

An ancient Jewish community that survived all odds and came home.

Counting Weeks: Sefirat HaOmer

What is the significance of counting the weeks in addition to the days between Passover and Shavuot?

Chicken Soup with Matzah Balls

Nothing is as comforting as a bowl of this classic Jewish soup.

Consciousness and Psychedelics

For hundreds of years, philosophers have wrestled with "the hard problem of consciousness." Can the psychedelic experience teach us anything new about it and about reality itself?

What Does It Mean To Be Good?

Most of us consider ourselves to be "good" but how do we truly know? Is there any objective standard? Dr. Massimo Pigliucci skillfully tackles this important question and others.

Cauliflower Rice Tabbouleh Recipe

This tabbouleh recipe will brighten any table.

The Perfect Israeli Mezze Board

Instead of a cheese board make an Israeli board.

No Bake Cheesecake with Chocolate and Halva Recipe

Dress up this easy no bake cheesecake with some favorite new flavors.

Lemon Lover’s Hummus Recipe

My favorite hummus recipe!

Most Philosophy is Just Noise

Big ideas can be so complex and often seem so unsolvable. Is the best move just not to bother with them?

Israeli Halva S’mores Recipe

The secret twist to make the best S’mores.

The Yiddish Lullaby that Melted a Man’s Heart: A Mother’s Day Tribute

Two worlds collide early one morning on a tropical island.

The Jews of Cuba

Jews have been in Cuba since the era of Columbus. Today there are fewer than 1,500 Jews and they continue to maintain the culture and traditions of Judaism.

The Letter of the Convert: A Survival Story of the Crusades

900 years later, a woman’s story as a convert persecuted by the Crusaders still endures.

Viral TikTok Recipes Made Jewish

3 trendy recipes with a Jewish twist.

Challah Tahini Custard Toast

I made the viral custard toast Jewish by using leftover Shabbat challah and this secret ingredient

Lox & Schmear Salmon Bowl

My twist on the viral salmon bowl is a Lox & Schmear Salad Bowl

Baked By Israeli Salad

The Baked by Melissa viral salad made Jewish!

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