Why Shouldn’t We Eat Whatever We Want?

Understanding the spirituality of eating kosher.

The Power Of Prayer

Praying every day isn't easy. But if you've ever prayed well - even once - it leaves you a different person.

How to Become Immortal

The "afterlife" is only what we make of it.

Jews and the Chocolate Trade

Chocolate played a pivotal role in Jewish survival amidst the throes of the Inquisition.

Cats: 8 Jewish Facts

Just in time for International Cat Day!

Every Night, Forgive Yourself and Others

Because the longer you hold on negativity, guilt and anger, the heavier they weigh on your heart.

I am a Proud Middle Child

How being a middle child shaped who I am.

Homemade Coffee Ice Cream without a Machine

Inspired by the slushy ice cafe around Israel.

The Western Wall: The Heart of the World

Some people have hearts of stone, but these stones have the hearts of people.

Ask the Right Question: Tisha B’Av

We can handle pain. But contradictions torture us.

A Short Jewish History of Morocco

Discovering the greatest gift of the Moroccan Jews.

In the Face of So Much Evil, The Only Consolation

From the ashes of Tisha B’Av to uncovered Nazi medical experiments, the Jewish people relentlessly endure.

Dylan, Kierkegaard, and the Binding of Isaac

However you slice it, the binding of Isaac is a story that begs for interpretation.

When Abraham Lincoln’s Secretary of State Went to Jerusalem

The bond between Judaism and Jerusalem is ancient and unbreakable, on the saddest day of the year and every other day.

When King Louis IX Tried to Wipe Out Judaism

King Louis IX had a Jewish problem. They still named a city after him.

Transforming the Pain of Tisha B’Av to Active Responsibility

It is not enough to hope for redemption; we must be the catalyst for it.

Math and the Mind of God

According to the German mathematician Georg Cantor, there are three levels of existence: the physical universe, the human mind, and the Mind of God.

Will Smith’s Apology

Insights on how to make an effective apology.

Middle Eastern Lentils and Rice

Whether you call it Mujadara or Kichri, we have the recipe.

Why Do We Fast?

The connection between tragedy and fasting.

The Six-Year-Old Holocaust Heroine from Ukraine

Yaroslava Levytska is the youngest person recognized as a Righteous of the Nations for saving Jewish lives during the Holocaust.

The Best Way to Stop Suicide

Caring words can make all the difference.

The Tragic History of the Jews of Spain

A comprehensive overview of the persecution, scholarship and expulsion of the Jews of Spain.

The Real Story behind the Spy who Infiltrated Argentina’s Jewish Community

Amazon Prime’s Yosi, the Regretful Spy unmasks the dangerous consequences of irrational antisemitism, and the non-Jewish spy who came to regret his role in the terrorist attacks on Jews.

Almond Mandel Bread

Mandelbrot means “almond bread” in Yiddish.

Lizzy Savetsky’s Personal Battle Against Alcoholism

On the outside, the successful social media influencer’s life seemed perfect. Inside, it was imploding.

Messengers from the Russian Moral Abyss

Cousins of mine embarking on their new life in Israel shared chilling accounts of a country that resembles prewar Germany.


Moses does something very surprising in this week’s Torah portion. Why? And what is the message for us?

Your Self-Worth Is Being Messed Up by Ads and Social Media

Don't be deceived. That image is only a fraction of the picture.

My Abortion Story

We wanted a miracle but my life was at risk.

Respect Yourself - Respect Others

The tragedy of Tisha B'Av begins with the sin of the Spies and their lack of self-respect.

Lox & Schmear Jew-shi Roll

Why we think sushi is totally Jewish!

Elvis: 7 Jewish Things You Didn’t Know about The King

The Lansky Bros. are responsible for Elvis’s fashion sense. But don’t blame them for the jumpsuits.

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