Part 1: Key Values for a Perfect World

What is the source of our utopian world vision?

Part 2: Value of Life

Today’s violence in sports is child’s play compared to many ancient cultures.

Part 3: War & Peace

Nations often employ the law of the jungle: Might makes right.

Part 4: Justice for All

Greek democracy was far from “one person, one vote.”

Part 5: Mass Education

Education is power. Mass illiteracy keeps people under control.

Part 6: Family Values

Greek civilization viewed pederasty as the highest form of love.

Part 7: Social Responsibility

The Jews introduced the key concepts of modern morality.

Part 8: The Jewish Perspective

He who saves one life is as if he saves an entire universe.

Part 9: Jewish Justice & Education

The Jewish king was not above the law; rather he exemplified it.

Part 10: Jewish Family & Responsibility

Biblical values became the basis for social welfare.

Part 11: Monotheism and its Implications

America’s Founding Fathers turned to the Bible for inspiration.

Part 12: Looking Forward

Everyone is part of the whole, responsible one for another.

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