Candlelighting - Inspiration

Personal accounts of the power and beauty of Shabbat candles.

Preparing for Shabbat

Personal reflections on preparing ahead -- so that it all comes together.

Shabbat Fun for Kids

Tried-and-true ways to make Shabbat great for kids.

Grace After Meals

Sing along and learn the whole thing!

Shabbat Afternoon and Third Meal

For many, the last part of Shabbat is the more spiritually fulfilling.

Eiruv Tavshilin

When Yom Tov falls on Friday, there is an allowance to prepare on Yom Tov for the needs of Shabbat.

Turn On the Lights

Why do we signify Shabbat's entry by lighting up the lights?

"Oseh Shalom" - A Prayer for Peace

Singing about shalom, the most recognizable Hebrew word.

Shabbat Checklist and Basic Laws

Your handy guide to prepare and organize for a spectacular Shabbat.

Melaveh Malkah

Saturday night? Time for one more Shabbat party!

Laws of Shabbat for Beginners

What, how, why and where do all these laws come from?

Shabbat Salads

Enhance your Shabbat menu with one of these low in fat, healthy, fresh salads. Your family and guests will thank you!

Grace After Meals - Overview

No feast would be complete without thanking the One Above.

Shabbat Morning Kiddush and Meal

After morning services, a time for stories and song.

Havdalah - How To

What is Havdalah? Wines, spices and candle. Easy as 1-2-3.

Shabbat in One Hour (Or So)

How to whip up a yummy, nutritious Shabbat in no time flat.

Shabbat Morning Shul

A weekly highlight of spiritual inspiration and communal gathering.

Shabbat Candles: Lights of the Soul

Candles are lit at romantic dinners. Shabbat is a romantic love song.

"Mitzvah Gedola" - The Importance of Happiness

A song by Rabbi Nachman of Breslav for being happy -- all the time.

Devar Torah - Words of Torah

Elevate your Shabbat table talk to another dimension.

Shabbos in Vietnam

I was determined to take Saturdays off. My commander had other ideas.

Shabbat On-the-Go

Occasion to be in a hotel, hospital, or deserted island for Shabbat? Take along our comprehensive list.

The Weekly Wedding

What does it mean that Shabbat is married to the Jewish people?

Shabbat Table

Preparing the Shabbat table -- gleaming silver and satin white - is a labor of love.

Revolutionary Illumination

A new invention allows you to turn the light "on and off" on Shabbat. No timers, no switches.

Classic Menus

Quick overview of all the food you'll need for an awesome Shabbat.

The Great Cholent Divide_

The key difference between Jews is those who love Cholent and those who hate it.

"Kol Ha'olam Kulo" - Jewish Courage

Rabbi Nachman of Breslav teaches that the whole world is a narrow bridge, and the main thing is to not to fear.

Tasty Desserts

Ignore your diet… one day a week.

Washing for Bread

The symbolism and how-to of pouring water before the meal.

Around the Sabbath Table

I rarely use my passport, yet every Saturday I meet people from around the world.

Shabbat Songs Inspiration

Understanding the mystical attraction of song.

"Hiney Ma Tov" - Unity

How good it is to sit together in unity. From Psalms 133:1.

The Stop Button

How I got out of the never-ending cycle of work, struggle and stress.

Glossary of Shabbat Buzz-words

Get your lingo down pat, and don't be left in the dark.

"Ani Ma'min" - Faith in Redemption

From Maimonides' 13 Principles: The mission of perfecting the world is entirely in our hands.


A Jewish stew that comes in many flavors and styles.

Friday Night Kiddush: How To

Whether grape juice or wine, you'll want to savor the moment.

"Am Yisrael Chai" - Eternal Nation

The secret to the Jewish people's 4,000-year longevity.


Kugel: a staple of Jewish cooking for centuries.

Blessing the Children

A magic, eternal moment of connection for parents and children.

It's Still Shabbat

What kind of Shabbat will it be in the hospital emergency room?

The Magic of Havdalah

Shabbat comes to a close in a most dramatic and touching way.

Eishet Chayil

A special Shabbat song in honor of the Jewish woman.

Chicken Recipes

Sweet or sour, spicy or plain, chicken is the mainstay of many a Shabbat meal.

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