Why Seven Is Holy

On Shabbat, we shut out the world so we can hear our soul.

Best Things About Shabbat

Personal thoughts on what makes Shabbat the highlight of every week.

Living to Work

Egyptian slavery and man’s drive for meaning.

Home for Shabbat

Stranded in Milwaukee with nowhere to go. A true story.

The Light at the End of the Week

Shabbat became my life raft, my refuge from a cruel working environment.

Shabbat: Imitating Creation

Understanding why God rested on the seventh day, and what it means for me.

A Shabbat Miracle

My father and I had nothing in common besides the long silences that would pass between us. Then a miracle happened.

The Parallel Universe

Abraham's world of Shabbat is personally piloted by God.

The Selfish Shabbat

I hardly believed in God's existence when I started to observe Shabbat. My observance began for one reason only: I was selfish.

Rest and Relaxation

Our task is to go out and build our world. And then comes Day Seven.

Shabbat Challenges

Candid thoughts on getting adjusted.

Shabbat Prom Queen

The prom is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Some get the thrill every week.

Material vs. Spiritual

In Judaism, you can't be holy without the physical.

Alone in Lenox Hill

In my grandmother's room, it was as silent as death.

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