Why So Much Suffering?

Creating freedom without anarchy, order without tyranny.

Max’s Mission

The short life and heroic death of Max Steinberg.

Who's Protecting Israel?

It’s not just the Iron Dome we have to thank.

Someone Is Always Watching

You are going to be caught in the act. Make sure it’s something to be proud of.

A Special Soul

How my special needs sibling changed our family and our community.

Stop Complaining

And do something about it instead.

5 Steps to a Happier Life

Change your attitude, change your life.

As Sirens Blare Across the Land

An elegy to the Jewish people for the 17th of Tammuz.

The Right Time

Things happen when they’re supposed to happen.

Israel’s Rollercoaster

With Hamas rockets raining down on Israel, we must continue our efforts on the spiritual front.

My 18 Days of Waiting

My story is different, but I relate to the horror the three families experienced not knowing if your child will survive.

English Words with Hebrew Origins

These common English words have their origins in Hebrew and Jewish thought.

Don’t Be Nice to Me

Yes, I broke my ankle – now leave me alone.

Heartfelt Prayer Is Never in Vain

Rachel Frankel said, “If tomorrow, God forbid, I’ll hear the worst news, I don’t want my children to feel that where did all my prayers go?”

Isaiah Austin's New Beginning

A devastating medical diagnosis produces a double-dose of inspiration.

Looks Could Kill

How the Hebrew month of Tammuz parallels the faculty of sight.

Faith in Times of Darkness

Five ways to hold onto the power of faith.

What I Learned from the Lubavitcher Rebbe

Out of the blue, the Rebbe summoned me. He wanted to send me on a challenging mission.

I Didn’t Move for the Shopping

The most important factors to consider when moving, including to Israel.

The Buck Stops Here

Life fulfillment starts with taking responsibility.

Darwinism, Morality and Free Choice

Evolutionary biology’s corrosive impact on the foundations of human society.

Four Excuses That Hold Us Back

You do have time and who cares about what people will think.

Israelis Living Abroad

Many are open to taking a fresh look at Judaism.

Uniting Together

The Jewish people are responding to the kidnapping as one family.

Chicken Soup for the Mind

A Chinese girl forced me to confront what it means to be Jewish.

Possessing Time

No matter how hard we try to possess it, time possesses us.

Car as Death Machine

The art of balancing love and fear, and teaching kids how to drive.

King David’s Heart

Life’s difficult challenges aren’t interruptions. They’re what we need to compose our unique song.

Accepting Torah: Burden or Opportunity?

Why did we take on these restrictive commandments after finally becoming free?

Catch Me

Four ways Torah transforms my life.

Shavuot: No Boundaries

People want to know where to draw the line.

Adopted: The Search for My Heritage

My difficult search for proof of my Jewish identity.

Four Questions for Graduation Day

How to find a sense of satisfaction when you never reach the finish line.


Many of us are strangers in a strange land, physically and spiritually.

Dare to Achieve

An inspiring commencement speech at Indiana U by Jewish student, Parker Mantell.

Is Your Neighbor Anti-Semitic?

ADL’s new survey tells us not to be so naïve.

Jewish on the Outside

Eli Schwebel’s journey to discovering his heart.

Why I Love Going to Funerals

It’s not morbid. Nothing connects me to the power of life more than a funeral.

Three Types of Forgiveness

Exoneration, forbearance, and release and the power of forgiveness.

My Strange Relationship with Daniel Pearl

Can an embodied spirit be connected in some way to a disembodied one?

I’m Imperfect

We’re all under construction. An a cappella music video.

Our Homeland

Don’t be afraid to talk about God, Torah and the Land of Israel.

Sterling Words

Lessons from the Donald Sterling brouhaha.

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