SportsKids of the Year

An inspiring story of two brothers. Share it with your family.

The Happiness Challenge

Brendan Marrocco lost all four limbs in Iraq. He has a lot to teach us about living with joy.

Hearing Sirens

There’s a reason you’re hearing that ambulance. Stop and get its message.

Life’s Only Disability: A Bad Attitude

A powerful message from a Jewish Baltimore Ravens fan.

When You Hate Yourself

I am living proof that you can change your negative self-image.

Buy Local

If Jews don’t support each other, who will?

Run While You Can

My clock is ticking and I know it.

Miriam’s Courage

Miriam Spiegel is no ordinary teenager.

Pleasure’s Price Tag

Would you want to live life experiencing no pain?

Rav Noah’s Gifts

Hardly a day passes that I don’t crave his wise advice and loving care.

Israel’s Long Walk to Freedom

Committing to life as a journey of victories and defeats goes to the heart of creation.

Four Amazing Trees

Spiritual lessons from trees, for Tu B’Shvat.

Painting God

My quest for answers does not preclude a simple, emotional acceptance of God’s presence in the world.

Three Tips on Raising Teenagers

Feel their pain, don’t ride their drama, it’s not going to last.

Death By Falafel

They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Does that count for sandwiches?

Torah: Ahead Of Its Time

The best-selling, revolutionary self-help book of all time.

It's Good to Be Alive

A touching, surprisingly humorous speech from a quadriplegic in competition with Superman.

Altruism and Religion

Religion is the best antidote to the individualism of the consumer age.

How the Torah Revolutionized Political Thought

Throughout the ancient world the truth was self-evident: all men were NOT created equal.

Three Apps for the New Year

Three ways to deepen your resolutions.’s Top 10 2012

Revisiting some of the most popular videos and articles of the year.

1-800-God Part 4: Say Thank You

God sends us gifts every day, and they come with a card.

1-800-God Part 3: Just Ask

God wants you to ask. There's nothing too big, there's nothing too small.

Coping with Tragedy: Ebook

A free, 24-page ebook tackling one of life's toughest challenges.

Hanukkah’s Over, Now What?

An inspiring message to carry with you into the darkness of winter.

Judaism and Dreams

The significance of dreams in Jewish thought.

Karyn's Light

A true story about friendship and lost opportunities.

Samurai Jew: The Eighth Night

The epic battle of a young warrior trying to stop himself from eating the Hanukkah doughnuts.

Out of the Darkness

Miracles do sometimes happen. Based on a true story. A timely Hanukkah message.

When Christmas and Hanukkah Crashed

For the first time in my life, I was the only Jew in the group.

Times Square Kindness

A police officer’s private act of kindness becomes a web sensation.

Fear & Illusion

How much of our fear is based on a faulty perspective of reality?

Hanukkah: A Time to Fight

Jewish history teaches that there are times we need to stand up and fight.

My Journey from Chinese to Jewish

A chance encounter with a Bible launched my 16-year road to conversion.

Take Off the Training Wheels

Gaining Jewish literacy requires pushing beyond your comfort zone.

7 Special Thanksgiving Flavors

Ideas for bringing Jewish values into your celebration.

Five Ways to Be Grateful

How to unlock the door to gratitude.

Climbing Everest

Meters away from fulfilling his dream of being the youngest Israeli to reach the summit, Nadav chose to do something even greater.

Who’s Your Rabbi?

Why everyone needs to choose a rabbi for guidance.

Heroes Everywhere

Why did Hurricane Sandy suddenly turn average citizens into heroes?

Thanking Sandy

How to have gratitude for both good and bad.

Worth Fighting For

For what goals are you willing to make real sacrifices?

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