Ask Rabbi Weinberg: Videos

A sampling of short video discussions from the founder of Aish HaTorah.


Three keys to catapulting from paralysis to action.

My Terrible Secret

A past trauma was silently wreaking havoc on my life.

The Sad Israeli Campaign

The aborted pr campaign is unfortunate in so many ways.

Lifting My Cloud of Depression

Medication only removed the pain; attaining happiness was up to me.

Beneath the Layers of Filth

A Nazi sympathizer renewed my waning belief in mankind's ability to overcome its senseless hatred.

There for a Reason

Think you're in the wrong place? Think again.

Top Five Regrets of the Dying

It's not too late to avoid these common regrets in life.'s Best of 2011

Revisiting the most popular articles and videos of the year.

Chanukah in the Locked Ward

Lighting the menorah after my nervous breakdown.

Let There Be Light

Understanding the cultural clash between the Greeks and the Jews.


It was 1959, and it was me, a Jewish kid in elementary school, against Gagliano, Stamingo and O’Mera. What chance did I have?

Chanukah: The Fight for Freedom

Why celebrate the miracle of oil and not the great military victory?

Losing the Chanukah Battle

Are you prepared to give your life for Judaism?

It's My Fault

Three words that changed everything.

Different Strokes

Don't expect your kids to be the same.

Bubbie Boot Camp

You're not doing God any favors.

Why Not?

Two words changed everything.

Against the Flow

What happens when the majority isn't right?

Confessions of a Flaming Baal Teshuva

Living an observant life is beautiful and it needs to be expressed in an atmosphere of love and respect.

You're a Leader

It's up to all of us to take responsibility for the Jewish people.

Thanksgiving Blessings

After losing my son, I began to understand what it means to be grateful.

Thank You Mrs. Hoffman

Who are you going to personally thank this year?

100 Blessings

Why should I be grateful?

My Special Education

I was a dedicated special ed teacher, but I was relieved they weren't my children. But God has a good sense of humor…

Intimacy: What's Sacred?

Why pre-marital relations is a bad idea.

Learning to Fly

I grew up with the four H's: Holy Land, Holocaust, Hebrew and Holidays. But it was the fifth H that changed my life.

The Woman in the Park

With all my flaws, am I worthy of love?

Default Judaism

The Jewish middle class is disappearing.

Does Polite Equal Good?

How I unexpectedly discovered the key to genuine goodness.

My Facebook Hiatus

Breaking free from the 'being liked' trap.

Bringing Our Kids Home

We can all reach out to our fellow Jews.

What Do I Know?

When not knowing is true wisdom.

Wiring Our Kid's Hard Drives

Everything we say to our kids goes in, and one day they're going to access it.

Under the Prayer Shawl

Secrets of the Priestly Blessing

In the Sukkah

In that temporary shack we felt our permanence.

The Yom Kippur Dare

Do I ask God for another chance, a chance I know I don’t deserve?

My Yom Kippur Resolution

I cringe thinking how much aggravation I caused this woman.

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