Passover & the Jewish Mission

This Seder recommit to the Jewish People's unique mission.

Atheism and Morality

Why do so many atheists make moral proclamations?

Jewish Women Renaissance Project

Birthright for women: A powerful program is inspiring Jewish women.

A Reasonable Argument for God’s Existence?

Responding to atheists' seven main objections against my presentation of the Argument from Design.

Don't Wait to be a Hero

A volunteer firefighter tells a story of an act of heroism that didn't go quite as expected.

Coming Home From Ramallah

The son of a Jewish woman and an Arab man struggles with his identity. A true story.

Charlie Sheen Implosion

Why do we like to watch somebody's tragedy?

Esther and the Moon

Purim and the mystery of Esther's non-Jewish name.

My Personal Purim Miracle

I'll never forget the moment I was just a prop used in a larger, cosmic drama.

Haman's Voice Within

According to Haman, Brooks Conrad is a total failure, and so are you.

Purim in Auschwitz

For survivors, Purim wasn't simply a victory that happened thousands of years ago.


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"You are the Jew who lit up my menorah."

I felt I was the only Jew in the world. Thanks to, now I feel part of this big, Jewish worldwide family.

Judaism was a Darkly Kept Secret

If it wasn't for, Communist Russia would have succeeded in destroying my family's ties to Judaism.

The Skeptic and the Rabbi

I was no spiritual seeker and wary of drinking the kosher Kool-Aid.

God Is Not a Babysitter

Believing in God after the Holocaust.

Excess Baggage

Is emotional baggage sabotaging your relationships?

The Gulf War: 20 Years Later

Remembering the masks and miracles in Israel.

How to Get Rich: Ethics of Fathers 4:11

The connection between monetary wealth and Jewish wisdom.

Take The Shot

The only failure is not trying.

When the Housekeeper Quit

It was the best thing to happen to our family.

Valentine's Day Every Day

Forget the commercialism and express your love every day.

The Design Argument: Answers to Atheists' Objections

Turns out Richard Dawkins' watchmaker has 20/20 vision after all.

Runner's Kick

Ever feel like you just can't reach the finish line?

From Song to Song

On stage I hid behind my mike stand. Until I discovered the music of my soul.

Labels Disable

Jewish unity based on growth and understanding.

The Jewish Prince of Persia

The Shah of Iran's descendant tells his story from Jerusalem.

Responding to Anti-Semitism

I wasn't proud of what I did. What would you do?

Joyful Dreams

Conditioning your subconscious mind.

Change Your Life Diet

How my husband lost 50 pounds and changed his life.

My New Hero

Just an ordinary guy…with an extraordinary story.

Avoiding Life's Freakouts

Thinking about the meaning of life.

The Art of Positive Thinking

Negative thinking doesn't just ruin a family dinner, it ruins lives.

Stay at Home Mom?

A new mother is torn. What would you advise her to do?


Love comes in many guises.

The FedEx Guide to Self-Forgiveness

When you absolutely, positively have to forgive yourself overnight.

Perfection vs. Good Enough

How to stop berating yourself and persevere in trying your best.

Carpool Wars

Don't view it as a burden. It's a way to help people in need.

When Bad Things Happen

A Jewish perspective on one of life's toughest questions.

Bake Joy Cookies

Joy cookies for a joyful lift.

Christmas Carols

I like them because they remind me I am a guest in this country.

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