Spiritual Vertigo: Ethics of the Fathers, 2:14

Protecting oneself from spiritual myopia.

Torah with Morrie #12: Making Meaningful Moments Last

How can we ever truly enjoy something when we know that all things will pass?

Soul Food

One day, we're all going on a long journey. We need to take along enough nourishment to last for eternity.

Mr. Stein's Mysterious Ailment

There were no sudden bolts of light, but I knew that right in front of me was a miracle.

Torah with Morrie #10: Finding One True Friend

Everyone needs that one person who understands us and with whom we can communicate openly without any pretenses.

This Is a Test

Recognizing the spiritual challenges behind life's little calamities.

The Qualities of Greatness: Ethics of the Fathers, 2:10-11

What are the critical qualities needed to attain greatness?

Torah with Morrie #9: Timeless Teachers

Parents give physical life to a child; teachers inject that life with purpose and meaning.

Pillars of Strength

A wheelchair-bound couple draw on faith and a positive outlook in raising twins.

Forgiving My Father

There is no deeper wound than abandonment by a parent. After 10 years, I wanted to heal.

Shavuot and the Grateful Dead

How I first received the Torah, bedecked in torn jeans and a tattoo.

Torah with Morrie #8: Criticism on the Rebound

The faults we accuse others of can most often be found within ourselves.

Talking to God

Do you talk to your spouse no matter how sleep deprived, overworked or frustrated you are? Communicating with God is no different.

We Are All Brothers

Imagine a dream where you discover that your best friend is really your brother. For Lior Alhanati, it was no dream.

Thank You! 10 Formulas to Master Gratitude

Attaining happiness, joy, bliss, euphoria, ecstasy.

Torah with Morrie #7: Limiting Self-Pity

Living with joy despite our setbacks and travails.

Conflicts of a Buddhist Jew

Hebrew school and ignorance drove away a generation of spiritual Jews. A new book beckons them back.

Waiting for the Next Miracle

Getting out of the "All-I-need-is" syndrome and embracing the moment.

My Father and the Priest

A Jew is never completely lost from his people. A true unbelievable story.

Supersize Me! Ethics of the Fathers 2:8

Simple logic dictates that we cannot have it all and should not want it all. But since when did that stop us from trying? (Part 1)

Torah with Morrie #6: Feeling for Others

Striving to live with an awareness of the pain of others and do what we can to alleviate their burden.

Beyond Miracles

Judaism as a rational religion.

Carrots Don't Cry

Doctors said that Marsi Tabak would remain in a persistent vegetative state for the rest of her life. With tireless dedication and a warehouse of faith, her husband proved them wrong.

Resolutions that Last

A little black book will help you keep the lessons of the holiday long past the week of celebration.

Empires Come and Go: Ethics of the Fathers: 2:7

In the midst of dark times, Hillel reminds us that Divine Providence guides every detail of history and justice will ultimately prevail.

Growing Joys

One amazing couple proves that it's never too late to change.

Where is God?

I thought God was ignoring me since He wasn't answering my prayers. Then one day I got the unexpected reply.

Universal Truths: Ethics of the Fathers: 2:6

In a universe that contains certain immutable truths, it's our responsibility to do our utmost to figure them out.

Torah With Morrie #4: Live Like You're Dying

Living life urgently, intensely and purposefully.

Torah with Morrie #3: Living Funerals

Why wait for a funeral to give heartfelt praise about those you love?

Divine Intimacy: Ethics of the Fathers, 2:4

The ideal marriage as a paradigm for our relationship with God.

Torah with Morrie #2: Living with Youthful Passion

Whether you're over the hill or not depends on whether you still feel like climbing.

Finding God on Mt. Whitney

Soaring high into the deep blue California sky, a ribbon of humanity and caring was created.

Jews and Power: Ethics of the Fathers, 2:3

Jewish history is one cautionary tale after another: Be cautious of ruling powers.

Torah with Morrie: The Value of Silence

What comfort do we find in all the noise?

Eaten Up with Envy

God didn't forget about you. If you were meant to have that home, spouse, career -- you'd have it.

Getting Off the Couch

Let go of the remote and get up and go.

Torah Study and Work: Ethics of the Fathers 2:2

Striking a balance between the world of the spirit and the world of the body.

My Guru, Dr. Jacobs

A funny thing happened on my way to saving the world.

Lost and Found In the Great Outdoors

Teenagers learn to reconnect with God and themselves in the wilderness.

In Search of the Perfect System

The founder of America's #1 telecom company shares his personal life odyssey.

Random Suffering?

Not a chance. Adversity -- wherever it strikes, whomever it takes and whomever its spares -- always has a reason, even when it cannot be discerned.

The Jewish Japanese Factor

A former Rockette gives new definition to the word J.A.P.

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