More Holy Woman

In shark-infested waters, their only life raft was reassuring words.

Praying for the Payoff

Can giving money away really help your bottom line?

The Baby Monitor

Be careful. You are being monitored.

Scavenging for Shells

Death is like a tsunami, threatening to sweep away everything in its path.

God Story

How to bring God into your children's lives.


What's in store up there?

Rebuilding after Destruction

How one man reacted when his only son was murdered.

What Do Jews Believe?

Being Jewish means asking questions.

God and I

My conversion to Judaism.

Where Are You Going?

How the question "Why?" can change your life.

Soul Control, Part 5: Listen Up!

Three practical tools on improving your relationships.

Wrestling with Suffering

Jewish philosophical approaches to one of life's fundamental questions.

Because of You...

Stop blaming and start living.

Touching Death

My first experience helping to prepare the body of a deceased person for his funeral.

Letting My Hair Grow Again

As a cancer survivor, I wanted to wear a badge

With a Whole Heart: Ethics of the Fathers, 3:13

We can't truly care about God if we don't care about our fellow human beings

Dad's Chair

Have we forgotten what it means to give honor?

Googling to God

My spiritual journey of a thousand miles began with a single click.

Up In Smoke

My relaxing Shabbat plans were turned to ashes.


Your challenges are uniquely tailored to help you grow spiritually.

Five Seconds Too Long

Do you know how much dirt you can pick up in five seconds?"

Deep Center

My kind of position. No pressure, no embarrassing errors, and no one gets hurt.

Joy for the Joy of Others

How to have unlimited amounts of joyful acheivement.

In Vain

Using God's name properly.

The Inner Adversary

Embedded within each of us is a spiritual challenge system.

It's Not Me

Breaking out of our self-imposed confinements.

The Purim Parable

A Lesson for the Entire Year. (11min)

Double Dividends

Coincidence or Divine lesson? The choice is yours

Challenges Strengthen Me

You Choose the Way You Look at Things. (5min)

Using the G Word

Don't be embarrassed to talk about God.

Next Year in Jerusalem, Conclusion

A groundbreaking chronicle of spiritual search, originally published in Rolling Stone magazine, April 1977.

My Six-Day War

When I first heard "the word" in my hometown.

Holy Woman and Her Guests

A remarkable example of giving like God.

Humility and Arrogance

A Positive Self Image is Consistent with Modesty. (4.5min)

Easy Come, Easy Go

It's the day-to-day commitment that matters most.

Next Year in Jerusalem, Part 2

A groundbreaking chronicle of spiritual search, originally published in Rolling Stone magazine, April 1977.

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