Reservoir of Faith

The cancer could not stop her from caring for and inspiring others.

Hunting for Blessings

I was having a terrible morning until I spent an hour waiting in line for the ATM.

Self Mastery Builds You

The Greater Your Self Mastery the Greater Your Self. (3min)

Your Inner GPS

How to know which way to turn.

You're Mistaken

The challenge of accepting criticism.

Where Was God in Virginia Tech?

God's seeming indifference is in fact an expression of His greatest gift to mankind.

Authentic Self Image

Don't project an image for others. (3min)

What Love Is

What's important to you is important to me.

In the Presence of Positive People

Benefiting from someone's good eye & good heart. (3min)

I Can Do It

I conquered because someone believed I could.

Faster Than Time

This Passover, achieve the impossible.

Thoughts That Lower Self Image

How people create a low self image. (3.5min)

What Your Husband Really Needs

What happens when your husband comes home?

Seeing Clearly: A Blind Woman's Vision

The lessons of Passover embodied in one woman's life.

A Meaningful Life

Waking up and listening to our inner voice.

The Little Things

It's the small gestures to which we cling.

Who Would Believe?

What can you do now that you thought you never could. (3min)

Where's the Respect?

Why kids should not call adults by their first names.

The Lady Is a Mensch

Margaret Thatcher's lesson in what makes people truly great.

For a Lazy Person You Do a Lot

Seeing yourself in a positive light. (3.5min)

The Date from Hell

There's a big difference between fact and opinion.

The Body, the Bridge, and the Black Hat

It all started with playing a dead body on an episode of one of the highest-rated series.

Never Too Old to Learn

At 90, Dr. Gertrude Webb is discovering the joy of Jewish learning.

American Idol

Why I find America's #1 show so disturbing.

Opportunity of a Lifetime

Perhaps this is the 'big moment' you were created for.

Happiness, etc

You're happy, aren't you?

Loving Your Neighbor

Where does God fit into the picture?

Opening Your Window

Is your window open or shut to the world?

Teaching Your Husband

Be smart. Build your husband, don't deflate him.

Double Trouble

Docky had nine lives to play with; we've only got one.

A Super Bowl to Remember

God had some other plans for me that day besides watching TV and stuffing myself with popcorn.

Free Will and its Deniers

Free choice is humanity's "greatest gift," a gift that itself makes life worth living.

How Long Does It Take

Upgrading your Awareness. (1.5min)


Tell me what you honestly think... Should you?

Life after the Super Bowl

Football champion Alan Veingrad is still making all the right moves.

Slowing Down

It's good for everything in your life—including your Judaism.

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