Horsing Around

My giant horse Miguel made me ask: Am I a body or a soul?

Words of the Wise Heal

How to become a powerful communicator.

Where's My Father?

My daughter taught me an important lesson about prayer.

The Right Tool

What my bottle brush taught me about life.

Joy of Taking Action

Wouldn't it be wonderful to accomplish everything you want to accomplish. (3 min. 57 sec)

In His Hands

How one man faced the ultimate moment of truth: life or death.

Uncluttering the Mind Ethics of the Fathers, 3:10

A cloudy mind clears for those things that truly matter.

My Doc's Procedure

One small tumor. If He can make it, surely He can break it.

Strategy for Becoming Your Ideal Self

Becoming the person you wish to be. (4 min. 57 sec)

Meeting Jason Alexander

Why is it such a thrill to meet a real, live celebrity?

Stuck in JFK

Your everyday actions can affect the entire world.

When the Tests are Miracles

Divine Providence or coincidence? The choice – and challenge – is yours.

Dousing the Fire

How to calm someone who is angry at you.

Being Liked by Others

The energy you project bounces back to you.

Give It All You've Got

The Maccabees taught us that immobilizing perfectionism leaves no room for God.

Overcoming Nature

By changing behavior patterns, you can break the negative cycle. (4 min. 17 sec)

Step One to Growth

Guess what? You're not perfect. The art of accepting constructive criticism. (3 min. 56 sec)

Giving Thanks

Don't wait for the Kodak moment.

Purpose: Heartbeat of Creation

When "bad things happen to good people," by what standard does one define "bad"?


Shortcuts: the quick way to nowhere.

Ethics of the Fathers, 3:9 Direct Line to the Heavens

There are many avenues to connect with our Creator. Not all ways are equal.

The Anger of the Atheists

If morality and ethics are rendered meaningless, how's a principled atheist supposed to respond to injustice?

Courage is a Journey

Seven years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The Young Chazon Ish's Alphabet

Starting with the foundation. (2.5 min)

Japanese or French?

How do you plan on leaving the month of Tishrei?

The Unusual Looking Man

The surprising impact one blessing can make.

My Altered World

After my husband died, it was my youngest daughter who taught me to embrace life again.

Ethics of the Fathers, 3:8 In Praise of Servitude

Who is greater: the servant of the king or the king of servants?

The Etrog and Jewish Beauty

Judaism's surprising definition of beauty.

Sukkot: Turning Nothing into Something

Sukkot is about finding what would otherwise be thrown away and wasted, and injecting it with purpose.

All Inner Strength in all Contexts

See yourself as a person who can reach goals. (3min.)

Do Angels Need to Dance?

I wished that somehow they had known how to make me feel included, that cold and rainy Sukkot night, rather than ostracized.

Worthwhile Goals

See yourself as a person who can reach goals. (3min.)

It's Not My Fault

A strategy for a meaningful Yom Kippur.

Grant Proposal for Self Improvement

A proven method for defining and achieving personal and spiritual goals.

Eli Whitney's Rosh Hashanah Resolution

This Rosh Hashanah make sure your resolutions are S.M.A.R.T.

Ethics of the Fathers, 3:7 Safety in Numbers

More than misery loves company, sanctity thrives among the many.

Who is God to Judge?

I often felt resentful toward God, until I discovered that Rosh Hashanah is about empowerment, not guilt.

If You Were To Meet Hillel and Rabbi Akiva

Encounters with positive people help you feel more positive. (3.5min)

Think Globally, Act Locally

Despite my sincere desire to save the world, I never managed to move past rhetoric and idealism to meaningful action. Then I started learning about Judaism.

10 Reasons Why Life Is like Riding a Bike

How to really enjoy the ride.

My Son, the Fanatic

My son was becoming religious, and I wondered where did I go wrong?

Way #11: Work It Through With Friends

Companies test-market new products. To know the value of your ideas, find friends to give you straight, honest feedback.

Heaven Can Wait

If Jews believe in a blissful afterlife, why does death cause us such inconsolable grief?

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