Universal Truths: Ethics of the Fathers: 2:6

In a universe that contains certain immutable truths, it's our responsibility to do our utmost to figure them out.

Torah With Morrie #4: Live Like You're Dying

Living life urgently, intensely and purposefully.

Torah with Morrie #3: Living Funerals

Why wait for a funeral to give heartfelt praise about those you love?

Divine Intimacy: Ethics of the Fathers, 2:4

The ideal marriage as a paradigm for our relationship with God.

Torah with Morrie #2: Living with Youthful Passion

Whether you're over the hill or not depends on whether you still feel like climbing.

Finding God on Mt. Whitney

Soaring high into the deep blue California sky, a ribbon of humanity and caring was created.

Jews and Power: Ethics of the Fathers, 2:3

Jewish history is one cautionary tale after another: Be cautious of ruling powers.

Torah with Morrie: The Value of Silence

What comfort do we find in all the noise?

Eaten Up with Envy

God didn't forget about you. If you were meant to have that home, spouse, career -- you'd have it.

Getting Off the Couch

Let go of the remote and get up and go.

Torah Study and Work: Ethics of the Fathers 2:2

Striking a balance between the world of the spirit and the world of the body.

My Guru, Dr. Jacobs

A funny thing happened on my way to saving the world.

Lost and Found In the Great Outdoors

Teenagers learn to reconnect with God and themselves in the wilderness.

In Search of the Perfect System

The founder of America's #1 telecom company shares his personal life odyssey.

Random Suffering?

Not a chance. Adversity -- wherever it strikes, whomever it takes and whomever its spares -- always has a reason, even when it cannot be discerned.

The Jewish Japanese Factor

A former Rockette gives new definition to the word J.A.P.

The Tsunami and God

Let our primary question in the wake of this tragedy be not "Why did it happen?" but rather "What can I do to help?"

The Garden of Forking Paths: Ethics of the Fathers 2:1

Practical wisdom on choosing wisely as we walk along the complex path of life.

Plan B

Relax. Just because our plans don't work out, doesn't mean that failure and disappointment are inevitable.

Do You Know Where You're Going To?

Moving in the world of Hollywood and high fashion, one woman discovers her inner self.

40 Days for a Stranger

Every day, I pour out my heart, praying that she should get married.

Miracle of Fire

The Human Potential Movement celebrates the power of man. Chanukah celebrates the power of the Divine.

My Partner in Torah

A personal tribute to my friend, Ellen.

God and Parents

God gives me what I need, not what I want.

The Intruder

Even suffering can draw us closer to God.

God's Fingerprint

Looking for God in all the right places.

Cotton Candy Angels

Everything can change in an instant.

Finding Serenity

Overcoming the common myths in mastering the state of serenity.

A Complete Healing

My deep resentment toward my mother was somehow tied to an infection that was killing her.

Growth through Psalms

Exploring Psalms for life transforming thoughts.

Now She Could Fill My Heart

How could I feel God's presence while crowded with cancer, ugliness and pain?

Even I'm Worthy of Miracles

A true story about the power of a blessing and modern day miracles.

Seizing Change

By seizing change today, we might avoid the seizure tomorrow.

Dieting and Yom Kippur

Dieting as a paradigm for spiritual elevation.

Feeling God's Presence

Spiritual exercises to connect to God's goodness in the world.

Hiding from God

Who is the master of your universe? A Rosh Hashanah meditation.

The Human Touch

A letter jolted me out of my complacency, reminding me that real change is truly possible.

Climbing to the Top

Answering Rosh Hashana's question: Did you do as much as you could with the gifts the Almighty gave you?

Go for the Gold

Achieving your personal victory this Rosh Hashana.

Nine Plus One

What does animal tithing have to do with Rosh Hashanah? Everything.


Is there any substance behind the latest fad: kabbalistic red strings?

A Case of the Gimmes

Giving brings meaning and love into our lives, and now we find out there's an additional bonus -- we live longer as well.

Enough Is (Not) Enough!

When do we ever feel we truly have enough?

Heavenly Prayer

The unique advantages of praying 38,000 feet above the ground.

Stressed Out?

There is an ancient Jewish solution that helps battle the stress in our lives, but it's not easy.

Talk is Cheap

Every time I open my mouth I am making a choice: Will I use my power of speech to heal, or will I use my words to hurt?

Loving Life

My great-grandma Bertha was amazing for many reasons, and not just because she lived life to the fullest for 106 years.

The Art of Desire: Ethics of the Fathers 1:16

Get a rabbi so he can teach you how to really enjoy life in a permissible, holy fashion.

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