Divine Baseball Blooper

With his team's miraculous World Series performance on the field, one young man marvels at his own miraculous feat.

Mayanot on Prayer #1: I Pray Therefore I Am

The commandment to prayer bequeaths to man the sense of his own significance that enables him to perform all the other commandments with dedication.

Maimonides #12 - The Messianic Era

Waiting for the Messiah means knowing that he will bring the world to the recognition of the Almighty and at last fulfill the national mission of Israel.

Path of the Soul #7: Loving Kindness

Stretching ourselves in our caring for each other is central to our spiritual job description.

Growing Up Sisters

Decades of hurt and strain finally give way to understanding and reconciliation.

Path of the Soul #6: Giving from the Heart

Generosity is a movement of the soul that erupts when you are pierced by the recognition of your direct connection to another soul.

When Bad Things Happen

If God is good, why is the world so bad?

Accessing the Judge Within: Ethics of the Fathers 1:8

Be a judge, not a lawyer, especially when it comes to the decisions you need to make in your life.

Through the Gate of Tears

Actualizing your potential on the Days of Awe.

Maimonides #10-11 - God's Omniscience

Rosh Hashana instills the awareness that God judges and rewards my actions, which gives meaning, purpose, and justification to life.

The Liberating Experience of Judgment

Yes these are Days of Awe, but they are days of exhilaration too.

Path of the Soul #5: Giving Honor

We seek honor, yet withhold giving honor to others. In truth, we've got it backwards.

On Anger

Anger, which can work so powerfully against happiness, is the very tool we've been given to get a handle on our invisible, elusive inner selves.

Human Nature: Inherently Good or Evil? Ethics of the Fathers 1:7

Avoiding the negative clears the path for our inherent goodness.

Dr. Laura, God Loves You

Judaism is not a fast-food religion.

Path of the Soul #4: Patience

The root of impatience is the erroneous belief that we are the masters of our fates.

Path of the Soul #3: Gratitude

Making something of beauty out of what we do have, incomplete as it may be.

The Work

Can't stand the way your boss treats you? Chances are you're guilty of the same thing.

Maimonides #9 - The Uniqueness of Torah

With the understanding that Torah is absolute, there is no time when it becomes inappropriate or irrelevant.

The Odd Couple

I used to think that Jewish unity meant all of us being the same. Naphtali showed me otherwise.

Path of the Soul #2: How Much Space Do You Take?

Being humble doesn't mean being nobody, it just means being no more of a somebody than you ought to be.

The Babe Ruth of Kindness - Ethics of the Fathers 1:5

The Next World is the place to commune with God; this life if an opportunity to perform kindness to others.

My Five Weeks with Cancer

Everything I need, I have. Everything I have, I need.

Path of the Soul #1: Discovering Mussar

How to close the gap between the high ideals we hold in mind and the living truth of how we act in life.

Maimonides #8 - Divinity of the Torah

Every letter of the Written and Oral Torah transmitted through Moshe Rabbeinu was of Divine origin.

Determined to Live

How the Jewish people came together to save a special woman.

Maimonides #7 - Prophecy of Moses

The uniqueness of the Siniatic experience differentiates the Jewish faith from all others.

Maimonides #6 - Prophecy

Divine inspiration cannot provide a sufficient basis for an authoritative Torah.

The Few, The Proud, The...Jewish?

I had indispensable training in becoming an observant Jew: the U.S. Marines.

Don't Look Down

Being Jewish means striving for spiritual excellence.

Reservation Detour

A dramatic route to self-discovery includes a detour at Indian reservations in South Dakota.

For Heaven's Sake: Ethics of the Fathers 1:3

What's your underlying motivation for doing good?

The Royal Jew From Swaziland

An accidental encounter with Hebrew alters the destiny of an African prince.

At First Sight

What would it be like to be blind all your life, and then be able to see?

Maimonides #4 - Creation Ex Nihilo

With this Principle, the Rambam parts company with Aristotle and describes a God who necessarily preceded Creation and is free to choose to create.

Organic Radiation

Fighting cancer with a combination of sprouts, prayer and traditional medicine.

Maimonides #3 - God's Incorporeality

If one believes that God is physical, inevitably he will feel capable of escaping Him.

Jewish Life on an Aircraft Carrier

A Southern Baptist, en route to conversion, talks about God and life in the U.S. Navy.

Zapping the Matzah Ball

How to create a spiritual experience out of Gastronomic Judaism.

Prayer for Israeli Soldiers

Invoking God's protection for the members of the Israel Defense Forces.

Prayer for the Soldiers

The war in Iraq can be a catalyst for spiritual unity.

Maimonides #2 - God's Unity

Pleasure and pain, joy and sorrow all have one Source.

Maimonides #1 - God as Creator

Why should an affirmation of God's absolute existence determine one's ability to fulfill Torah?


The doctors told me my grandmother was essentially dead. But she seemed too feisty to just disappear into a coma. My instincts told me: Talk to her!

Protection in Tahoe

A surrealistic car crash triggers an uncanny string of events.

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