World of Love #1 - Purpose of Creation

God's motivation for creating the world sheds light on our own life goals.

Climax of History - Current Events and Kabbalah: Part 3

The flow of world events, highlighted by the September 11 attacks, point to the dramatic culmination of history.

Cancer's Surprising Gift

When my wife was diagnosed with cancer, something odd happened. Her anger at God went away.

Faith and the Mideast Problem

All leaders draw their power from faith. The only question is where that faith is directed. In times of national crisis, that decision is critically important.

From the Desert to the Holy Land - Current Events and Kabbalah: Part 2

The Jews in Moses' time chose the barren desert over the Holy Land. Jews today are faced with the same fateful decision.

Secret to Personal Renewal

The world around us renews itself constantly. The most important aspect is learning how to tap into it for yourself.

Lessons From Elana

An Aish UK rabbi, whose wife passed away some weeks ago, shares some profound lessons he has learned.

Capital-R Reality

We are witnessing events that shake us and cause a seismic shift in perception. Attaining clarity of what it all means is our goal on Yom Kippur.

Whom We Hurt: A Yom Kippur Preparation

Most interactions are with people whose private pain is hidden from us. How can we make sure that we do not add to their distress with a harsh word?

Our Weakness - the Key to Greatness

We all have negative character traits. What counts is how we use them.

The Day After

Don't let this "wake-up" call turn into the "snooze" button.

Mystical Autumn Leaves

Why did God create a world where I need to do all this raking?

The New New Year

Do you arrive at Rosh Hashanah stunned to discover that you're making the same resolutions as the year before? Here's how to break the pattern.

6 Constant - #6 - Don't Be Misled By Your Heart and Eyes

Enjoy the pleasures of the physical world. But don't make materialism an end unto itself.

The Gender of God

By understanding God's manifestations in both male and female imagery, we can begin to unify our connection to the transcendence reality.

Heroes: A True Story

God becomes believable when life becomes unbelievable. *

Reality Knocks

Volunteering one hour to help others gave me a surprising insight about myself and the world.

Confessions of a Worrywart

If I had a magic wand, I'd make my life worry-free. But would that be the best thing for me?

Falling in Love With God, Step 4 - Service: Payback Time

Judaism offers a unique solution to the spiritual dilemma of how to payback God.

The Day My Brother Died

Ten years after her brother was killed in an auto accident, a young woman reflects back on what she learned.

The Power of Pickled Tomatoes

A great sage and leader of American Jewry teaches a lesson about small acts of caring.

6 Constant - #5 - Fear God

Human instinct is to run from fear. Judaism teaches that fear of God is a positive motivator for greatness.

Talking Back to God

We learn from Abraham that it is possible to have an argument with God and win, and that, indeed, God invites us to dialogue with Him.

Positive States

We all have moments of positive inspiration. The trick is to capture them for easy access in the future.

Seeing the Light in Darkness

A rabbi whose wife had breast cancer shares his tools for developing trust in God.

Kabbala #23: Malchut: The Kingdom Within

The last sefirah is the most important because God uses it to act through His creation.

Shai's Big Hit

There are special moments in life when we touch God's perfection. Here's one of them.

When Walls Speak

A recent convert to Judaism discovers that spirituality is embedded not only in souls, but also in the bricks of a wall.

Falling In Love With God, Step 3: Indebtedness

To experience God deeply, we must face the undeniable truth that we are hugely indebted to our Creator.

Changing The World

By way of feminism, socialism and idealism, a small Jewish spark turns into a passionate flame.

Prayer #11 - Acknowledging Good

In Hebrew, the word for gratitude can mean "thanks", "praise" and "confession."

Shwarma: A Love Story

Sometimes a person needs to meditate and think about things. Most of the time he just needs to eat something greasy.

Getting In Touch With Our Inner Slaves

Everybody is enslaved to something. The only question is -- who is your master?

The Ruchama Project

Enlist in an army of good-deed-doers who are ready to change the world -- and the life of a teenage girl.

Kabbala #22: Yesod: Foundation

The sefirah of yesod anchors the world to its spiritual bedrock.

Hot Air

Passover cleaning can liberate us from our most dangerous enemy -- our fragile egos.

Buddhism, Judaism, and The Great Cheerio Fiasco

Many Jews turn to Buddhism to rise to spiritual heights. Judaism says, "Take the whole world up with you."

Mastering The Gratitude Attitude

It begins with getting rid of the entitlement attitude, which puts "my rights" ahead of everything else.

Prayer #10 - Upside-down Hourglass

By having the right intention in prayer, we raise the sparks and bring time closer to its ultimate end.

Kabbala #21: Yesod: The Translator

The sefirah of yesod, "foundation," translates spiritual concepts into actions that unite us with God.

Breaking the Comfort Barrier

Forget the holiday hike. A real spiritual path is steep and challenging.

I Can't Wait for the Day When...

What are the most fervent dreams of America's young execs? You are in for a surprise.

Of Earthquakes and Abortion

We are willing to extend Herculean efforts to save a life, even when the possibility is remote. Why should limiting abortion on demand be any different?

Prayer #9 - Holy Sparks of Energy

The holy sparks of spiritual energy, embedded in the physical, animate the universe and fuel redemption.

Falling In Love With God – Part 1

To enjoy the greatest pleasure in life, we need to embrace the half of the glass that's full and the half that's empty.

The Restriction Prescription

Is less really more? Why does Judaism have so many restrictions?

Way #27: Happiness

You can be rich and miserable. Happiness is a state of mind. Develop tools for how to get it.

Way #32: Love Humanity

Imagine having never seen a human being before. What a fantastic gadget!

Holy Fire

When Esh Kodesh was a boy, he wished his kindergarten teacher: "May they not kill you. May you not die young." Last month, he died at age 25, gunned down by an Arab terrorist.

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