Storm the Heavens

A special call to unite in prayer during these dangerous times.'s Game of Life

Here's a card game to play with your friends that's more satisfying than Trivial Pursuit.

Marked for Eternity

A true "Jewish" story from the Titanic's ill-fated voyage.

Hidden Miracles

Purim teaches us how to find God behind the curtain of history - and in today's headlines.

God Makes a House Call

A little blockage enables one man to appreciate the wonders of the human body -- and the power of genuine prayer.

Lessons From My Father

The most important life lessons I learned are ones that my father never actively tried to teach me. He simply lived them.

Anger: The Inner Teacher

Anger can show us who we really are and how we cope with frustration. Here are 14 tools for mastering this powerful and potentially destructive trait.

Who Am I?

There is nothing more important than discovering who one really is. And there is no more qualified investor than oneself.

Sugar Bowl Priorities

Are we more interested in 'getting ahead' or in doing the right thing?

Serenity Lost and Found

Early morning in a birthing hospital, amid the joyous sound of a baby's first cry, my wife gave birth to silence.

Faith and Faithfulness

Personal trustworthiness is the foundation for faith in God. Why?

My History, Validated

Something big had happened that I didn't want to know about. My history had shoved itself into my face, and I couldn't make it disappear.

Answered Prayers

If we pray with sincerity, there is no such thing as an unanswered prayer.

Meeting God at Harvard

How did I get to be here at this exclusive WASPy garden party among the Kennedys and the Rockefellers? Then the answer hit me: by running away.

Mind Control

Are you held responsible for dark thoughts and provocative feelings that you can't control?

Self Development Formula for Personal Growth

Upgrade your BRAIN and you upgrade your G.T.S.S.

The Paperboy From Heaven

In the midst of the most sacred of my bachelor rituals – pizza and Monday Night Football – a knock on the door ended up changing my life.

Dear Mr. President

Sometimes great people do write back.

Not So Small Miracles

God is always communicating with us. Sometimes it takes a miracle for us to get the message.

Learning to Like Yourself

I had been left totally alone, in absolute communion with myself. I could hardly wait to get away.

Way #19: Wake Up and Live

Minimize sleep – because on a deeper level, it's about "waking up" to life.

10 Rules for Perfecting the World

Think global, act local. Securing a free and peaceful world starts right in your own home, office and neighborhood.

Professors Who See No Evil

Most college students are being taught that there is no truth, removing debate from the modern campus. The result? Intolerance and closed-mindedness.

Sukkot and the War against Terror

The ideological battle over genuine security and strength.

Victories of the Heart

A memoir of my mother's hardest battles.


Too many tombstones tell the story of tomorrows which never came.

Search and Recovery

A mother, whose son perished in the Twin Towers, searches for elusive "closure."

An Open Letter to God

Dear God, we may not need to know "Why?" But we do need to know "When?"

Amos the Righteous: A Yom Kippur Fable

Those who believe in the power of good deeds love to tell his story.

9/11: One Year Later

How life has changed for one World Trade Center survivor.

The Real You

What is the root of immortality and the soul?


The struggle and freedom of asking and giving forgiveness.

The Twin Towers of Light

When the enemies of civilization attempt to cast the world into darkness, the most potent response is to increase the light.

My Thirst for Spirituality

My return to Judaism and the many detours along the way.

Judging Others - And Yourself

We should always give others – and ourselves – the benefit of the doubt.

The Soul #4 - To Catch a Thief

An in-depth, Kabbalistic view of the makeup of the soul, and the impact of sin.

The Lord is My Shepherd

The Book of Psalms is our response to God's love. An in-depth examination of one of the most famous psalms.

A Genuine Article of Faith

What makes a drawing a Michelangelo? And what makes a religion Divine?

Way #17: Marriage Power

Intimacy is a powerful drive, second only to survival itself. Use it wisely.

Mystical Roots of Tu B'Av

Exploring the depth of one of the most important days of the Jewish year.

Father Dear

A story about abandonment and the deep bonds of love.

Saying Goodbye to Ruchama Rivka: A Father's Eulogy

After a 12-year bout with leukemia, a teenager's parents say goodbye.

Keeping Kosher, Kicking and Screaming

A cosmic conspiracy to get one man to keep kosher.

Who Is Honored? (part four)

Focusing on what is special about each person.

The Perfect Storm

God sent a letter and used half the Mediterranean as stationery.

The Soul #3 - Ten Sefirot

Understanding the building blocks of spiritual entities.

Hide and Seek

Welcome to the game of cosmic hide and seek. We are "it" and the One we are seeking is God Himself.

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