Who Is Rich? (part three)

The tool for being happy right now.

Growth Through Rules

From reductionism to Judaism: A convert describes his path to Jewish observance and spiritual fulfillment.

The Kindness Paradox - Pirkei Avot 1:5

Genuine kindness occurs when our sole motivation is caring about the welfare of others.

Arriving At Sinai

One woman's search for her life's compass.

The Soul #2 - What Do Souls Look Like?

Understanding the five levels of soul and how they relate to man and creation.

Elusive Holiness

Curtailing materialism can raise you to spiritual heights.

Rallying the Good

The Washington rally: good or bad?

Daily Omer Meditation

A practical guide to becoming great in 49 days.

Choosing Life

Despite doctors' dire warnings of a problematic pregnancy, a couple decides to go full term.

Active Learning: Pirkei Avot 1:4

To truly understand Torah, philosophical principles need to be translated into action.

Smuggling Out Of Hell

Through ingenuity and chutzpah, one man saved lives in the Holocaust. His daughter tells how.

Who Is Brave? (part two)

Sometimes you gotta stand up and do what's right.

Exodus: What's the Big Deal?

Every component of the Exodus was meant to reveal another facet of how God is involved in the world.

The Soul #1 - Who Needs It?

What is the function of the soul in this world?

Mind-Boggling Choices: Pirkei Avot 1:3

God could have created a bunch of puppets. He created humans instead.

Way #13: Think About It

We make snap decisions or may mull over decisions for too long. Become skilled at a happy medium of decision-making.

Who is Wise? (part 1)

The first of a 4-part series on character development.

World of Love #8 - Physical-Spiritual Unity

The greatest satisfaction is accomplishing in a world where God is hidden.

Three Pillars - Pirke Avot 1:2

A chair needs three legs to stand. Our spiritual lives also have a 3-part balance.

Kindness A-to-Z

Sometimes we are too preoccupied to see God's kindness. Here's a user-friendly list of what we have to be grateful for.

Saving Ruchama Rivka

On Thursday night, March 7, take part in a special all-night Torah learn-a-thon to help a family in Jerusalem.

Please Forgive Me!

How to reestablish any friendship or relationship when you are clearly in the wrong.

Daredevil on the Bridge

Clarity sometimes comes when you least expect it.

World of Love #7 - The Possibility of Evil

God may make it difficult for us to approach Him in order to increase our eventual reward.

Holy Sparks #5: Why Not Antarctica?

Some spots on earth are merely storage halls of Holy Sparks, until the time comes for each spark to be released.

Lovers of Humanity

Take a moment to let someone's pain register on your emotional Richter scale.

World of Love #6 - Doing Good Unto Others

Doing good unto others is a key component of spiritual health.

Holy Sparks #4: The Purpose of Creation

The physical world contains latent sparks of holiness, waiting for us to draw them out.

Did You See Darya in the Stairwell?

The visit that wasn't: An unexpected lesson from a visit to Ground Zero.

Snow: The Dark Side

The blizzard hits and life goes haywire. Understanding the mystical challenge can make it a gorgeous blanket of snow.

World of Love #5 - Closeness to God

The existence of good and evil allows man to make the right choice, and merit greater closeness to God.

For Myself, A New History

A recent convert to Judaism describes her spiritual odyssey.

The Eye That Sees

Satellite technology gives us a hint about inner spiritual dimensions.

Holy Sparks #3: Soul Food

By ingesting food, we feed our soul the holy sparks hidden within.

In the Light of the Bereaved

Seth and Sherri Mandell's remarkable mission to Asia brought a profound message of peace and hope amidst the darkness.

Unlocking Ancient Wisdom - Pirkei Avot 1:1

The first in a series on ethical lessons from a widely studied section of Talmudic literature.

Holy Sparks #2: The Contractor Who Couldn't Say Good-Bye

Nobody wants to overstay his or her welcome. Jacob spends just enough time in exile to gather the sparks.

World of Love #4 - Glow of Accomplishment

One of the highest human pleasures is that of accomplishment -- completing a job well done.

The Mystical White Snow

The snowy streets are slippery and it's cold and wet. It's also a special time to get close to God.

Pulling the Plug

When our baby went into a coma, the moral dilemma began.

Exile and Redemption Part 1: Holy Sparks

Why have Jews been scattered to the four corners of the earth?

World of Love #3 - Uniqueness of Mankind

The gift of a Divine soul separates man from the rest of God's creatures.

Taharah: A Personal Look at the Jewish Way of Death and Burial

The mysteries of life and death provide one woman an unusual gateway into the meaning and beauty of traditional Judaism.

Looking for God

God is intimately involved in all that happens in our lives. And if what happens is cancer, then not only does He know about it, He makes it happen.

Way #9: Total Concentration

We use just a small fraction of our mental capacity. To achieve more, learn how to concentrate and avoid distractions.

World of Love #2 - Perceiving the Infinite

What ultimate good does God offer His creations? Our ability to connect to Him.

Fooling Ourselves

One man's story of the self-deception and honesty that clashes inside all of us.

Out of the Closet

My mother, a Holocaust survivor, always said, "You can be a Jew on the inside, but not on the outside." It was just too risky.

World of Love #1 - Purpose of Creation

God's motivation for creating the world sheds light on our own life goals.

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