Making Meaning out of Madness

A nice Jewish girl from the suburbs chronicles her stark abuse at the hands of her mother, and the resilience of someone who refuses to be broken.

How Can Judaism Command to Know God Exists?

Either you believe in God, or you don’t. If you do, the commandment is redundant. If you don’t, it’s irrelevant.

Growing Up Catholic and My Grandmother’s Hidden Past

During WWII my European grandparents heroically fought against evil. My spiritual search would reveal my family’s shocking past.

Because You Can't Take It With You

One man's mission to give away all of his wealth.

I Ran 6.2 Miles without Stopping and Didn’t Collapse

Incredible life lessons I learned from this massive personal accomplishment.

Wear It On Your Face: How Smiling Changes You and the People Around You

It's easy to change the world. Start with a smile, and see where that leads you.

The "Eye for an Eye" Fallacy

The phrase doesn’t mean what you think it means.

Grow Like the Trees

In honor of Tu B’Shvat, 6 lessons on how to grow.

Thank God for the Unanswered Prayers

Sometimes it’s the events that seem so wrong that end up saving us.

Eat Your Popcorn with Chopsticks: How to Bring Wonder into Your Daily Life

Inject freshness into the mundane by changing up how you do things.

Where’s the Empathy? On Punching a Flight Attendant in the Face

Unchecked, we tend to be self-centered, lazy and mean-spirited. Empathy doesn’t come naturally; it needs to be chosen.

Me and the Moai: What Was I Doing on a Remote Polynesian Island?

The statues forge a connection between the Polynesian ancestors and members of the community. I, too, have been looking to reconnect to the chain of my ancestors.

The Talmud’s Guide to Crisis Management

Jewish wisdom on how to get going when the going gets tough.

Did I Lock the Door? Living with OCD

OCD lives in the world of doubt and uncertainty, in those horrible words, “But what if...?”

Everyone – and Everything – Is Going to Die. And That’s Okay.

Most scientists believe the universe will eventually run out of gas. Jewish belief is the same, and here’s why you should find that inspiring.

Covid and Looking Out For Each Other

It's understandable to think first about yourself during the pandemic, but we must also make a concentrated effort to give.

The Road to Resilience

After the murder of our son Koby I have been shattered -- and I have been rebuilt.

Surviving Failure, Befriending Defeat

Setbacks and defeat are painful but inevitable. How we deal with them can massively impact the quality of our lives.

In France, Running Away from Judaism

But it seems that God had other plans for me. And it all started with that yo-yo in the window.

My Nazi Grandfather Would Have Shot Me

At age 38 Jennifer Teege, a black German, discovered that her grandfather was Amon Goeth, the villain of Schindler's List.

Facing Life's Challenges, You Are Not Alone

Keep this in mind when you feel submerged in darkness.

Grateful for Every Minute: In Memory of Josh Carr

The 23-year-old Aish HaTorah student who inspired thousands recently passed away.

I Couldn't Figure Out Why I was Overeating

Until OA helped me realize that physical hunger wasn't the root of my problem.

Grateful Today: I Dare You to Take “The One Small, Good Thing” Challenge

Noticing one small, good thing every day has enabled me to see beauty in places I’ve never noticed before.

You Are Going to Hell: Growing Up Jewish in a Small Canadian Town

I was keenly aware that I was different than the non-Jews around me. It didn’t help that my best friend often reminded me that I was going to hell because I was Jewish.

Fix Yourself

Want to make the world a better place? Start by bettering yourself, the only person you can actually change.

When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?

Why do human beings undergo a mini-death every night?

Hashem: The Name

Why do some Jews refer to God as "Hashem"?

Hanukkah’s Last Light

Dispelling five myths that block us from connecting to God.

Feeling Like I'm the Only Jewish Girl in the World

Growing up in Iowa, I was the only Jewish child in the auditorium during the Christmas recital.

Love Means Going the Extra Mile

Why was the miracle of the oil considered greater than the miracle of winning the war?

Why was the Menorah Burning for 8 Days Such a Big Miracle?

Growing up, Hanukkah – and just about everything about Judaism – seemed vacuous and superficial. Then I started to learn.

Thanking God for Not Getting Shot

Taking things for granted is one of the biggest – and most common – mistakes we make in our relationships. What can we do about it?

Footprints of Gratitude: How I Got Out of My Florida Funk

When everything was going wrong, it was my son’s fearless resilience that opened my eyes and helped me find a glimmer of gratitude.

Why Blessings Matter

Thank God for thankfulness. Saying blessings can transform your life.

Can You Have Your Fake Pork and Eat It Too?

Should we be disgusted by the idea of eating imitation pork?

Magnify Your Genius: Michael Jordan and Staying in Your Strength Zone

Instead of push out of your comfort zone, the most successful people push themselves within their strength zone.

Me and My Antisemitic Girlfriend

We were hurtling toward marriage despite my closeted interest in Judaism. One drunken night changed everything.

Self-Compassion: Key to Greater Happiness and More Positive Relationships

Self-compassionate people are also better equipped to cope with stressful life events and boost their resilience in the face of challenges.

3 Keys to Being Happy

Stop pursuing it and start experiencing it.

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