"Nothing can stop a strong will." This powerful phrase has motivated and encouraged many people throughout time. And it's not even literally true.

Of course there are many things that can stop even the strongest will. But a strong will beats a weaker will. We don't really have ways to measure the strength a strong will. But we can all feel it. When we have a strong will to do something, we try much harder. We don't let obstacles prevent us from doing all we can.

Your will power is up to you. You don't need anyone's permission to build a strong will.

When people believe in us and encourage us, it's easier to have a strong will. When people don't believe in us and say discouraging things, it's easier to feel discouraged. But it's humanly possible to discount negativity. Regardless of anyone's comments, we have the inner power to realize that the speaker is not a prophet. This person can discourage us only if we let his words get into our minds and create our reality. Don't let it.