People who continue striving for their goals and ambitions have something in common. They feel good about progress. Even if the progress is not as fast as they would have wished, they feel encouraged to keep on striving.

The greatest coaches, mentors, and teachers let their students know that they are making progress. Sometimes this improvement is large and obvious. But sometimes progress is slow. The person who is making progress might not realize how much is changing. But the coach, mentor, or teacher who sees the progress can point it out and make it more noticeable.

Some people realize that they are making progress, but they focus on how hard it is to make progress. By focusing on the difficulty of what they have to do, it seems more difficult. As some people say, "Yes, I know that I am making progress. But it's taking so long and it takes so much effort that I feel bad all the time."

When an individual experiences joy for moving forward, he feels that all of his effort is paying off. He knows that he might have a long way to go to reach his goal and destination. But the entire journey is enjoyable. Since he feels good about what he has to do, it becomes much easier.

Get in the habit of telling people you want to encourage, "I see your progress. That's wonderful. May you be blessed with much strength to keep on going."