There are many situations when a person might be obligated to ask for forgiveness but finds it very difficult to do.

Some people refuse to ask for forgiveness because they are shy. It's difficult for them to approach people for favors. It is even more difficult for them to ask for forgiveness.

Some people refuse to ask for forgiveness because of arrogance and conceit. They have low self-esteem and self-worth and feel that it would be lowering themselves to ask someone for forgiveness.

Some people blame the victim for what they themselves did wrong. Therefore they feel they have no reason to ask for forgiveness. "It was really his fault that I said and did what I did. So why should I ask for forgiveness?"

Some people imagine all kinds of negative things happening if they ask for forgiveness. Their vivid imaginations create a story of the way they will suffer and lose out.

These and many other possibilities might make it very challenging for a person to take the initiative to ask someone to forgive them. This gives you an opportunity to do a great act of kindness. If you know someone did something wrong, encourage him to ask for forgiveness.

"You are not lowering yourself by asking," you can say. "Rather, you are elevating yourself. It takes spiritual strength and courage to ask for forgiveness. When you do, you build yourself emotionally and spiritually."

When someone realizes that you will respect him even more for asking for forgiveness, it will make it easier for him to ask.