Regardless of how discouraged we ever feel, we are actually just one thought away from feeling encouraged.

When we feel discouraged we can feel that it will take a long time to reconnect with our feelings of empowerment, but that isn't true. Our thoughts create our reality. And one heartfelt, encouraging thought can totally lift our mindset.

Many people are aware of the transformative value and power of autosuggestions. Some people have healed health issues with a combination of a healthy diet, an appropriate mixture of exercise and rest, and a steady dose of positive autosuggestions. Others use positive self-statements but don't really believe the truth of those positive sounding statements and see no effect.

Each of us is unique and different. So what exactly is the one thought that will transform your life? Perhaps a specific thought that inspired someone else won't be the one thought that will matter to you. When you realize what your specific encouraging thought is, you will go from feelings of discouragement to encouragement.

Imagine two people who are very similar in character and personality. They have similar levels of intelligence and creativity. They come from similar families and similar social and economic backgrounds. But one person believes, "I am powerless," while the other person's dominant thought is, "I am powerful."

The attitude and self-image of the person whose main thought is, "I am powerless," is one of discouragement. Someone who tells himself, "I am powerless," will feel weak and fragile. But a person who realizes, "I am powerful," will feel strong and even invincible.