I had a long-distance telephone conversation with a fellow who told me that he was feeling awful about himself and his life. He wanted to feel better and to accomplish more but he was pessimistic about ever feeling better.

I told him that his phone call showed a real desire to improve the quality of his life. I felt that one, simple affirmation would make a major difference to him.

I suggested that he repeat the following sentence with me:

"I am more and more grateful, joyful, and kind each and every day."

Then I asked him, "If you were to truly integrate and internalize this message, could you see how you would be better off than you are now?"

He agreed that he would.

"So the price to pay for this improvement is repeating this affirmation a number of times each and every day, whether you feel like repeating it or not. If you repeatedly repeat this enthusiastically, over time this will be more natural for you. Eventually this is who you will be and become."