Different people are inspired by different speakers. Many people miss out by not attending any classes because they were not inspired by a particular speaker at a previous session. By encouraging someone to attend a potentially inspiring class, you are having a positive influence on that person. This way even if you don't give classes, you can have the merit of influencing others. You and the inspirational speakers are now partners.

Some people love to attend classes and lectures but aren't always aware of what's available. It's relatively easy to share information about classes and lectures with people who are looking for the information.

It's much more difficult when someone isn't interested in attending a potentially helpful session. He thinks he will be bored. Or he just isn't in the mood to go. If you "sell" the class or lecture, he might give it a try. This encouragement could have a lifelong impact on someone's life. It will take tact and diplomacy to be successful. Don't expect it to be easy. Think about what you might say to a specific individual that will encourage him to attend.

Today there are many Torah classes that can be accessed with a telephone call. This gives you many opportunities to encourage people to listen to great lectures from a wide variety of speakers.