Wherever you go, your amazing brain is with you. This is quite obvious, you might be thinking. Actually, it isn't that obvious to most people. They sometimes forget that they are carrying every positive resource and every positive state with them wherever they go.

Every moment of confidence and courage is always with you. Every moment of joy is always with you. Every moment of kindness and compassion is always with you. And every moment of enthusiasm is always with you just waiting for you to access it.

A tool for remembering that your brain is there is to place your hand on your forehead. This is a reminder that the positive resource you need at a given moment is right there. Placing your hand on your forehead can also serve as a tool to remind your brain to upgrade the specific state and strength in all contexts. You might experience confidence and courage in some contexts, that is, in certain situations and with some people. But since you have confidence and courage in your brain, you can now tell your brain that you want to apply this in every single context that arises. That is, in more situations and with more people. The same applies to enthusiasm. As long as you are enthusiastic in some situations and in some places, it means that you have enthusiasm stored in your brain. And therefore your brain can apply this to any context that you feel is appropriate.