Ultimately, any virtue a person has is a gift from the Almighty.

If a person has nothing of his own and someone gives him a present, he does not feel arrogant. It was an act of kindness and he feels fortunate to receive it. This will be the attitude of anyone whose eyes are open and who sees the reality of his own human frailty, yet was fortunate to receive the kindness of the Almighty.

A person with true humility has these behavioral aspects:

- He speaks in a pleasant manner to all people.

- He does not insult others or put them down.

- His posture and mannerisms are in the average range - neither boisterous nor meek. - He is willing to sit next to simple people and not only those he considers important.

- He is able to tolerate the slights and insults of others.

- He flees from personal honor.

- He shows honor and respect to every human being - both in speech and behavior.

Today, ask yourself: "What am I most proud of?" View it as a special gift from the Creator to you. This will give you a more profound appreciation, and a greater sense of humility.