Your attitude toward limitations and disabilities determines to what degree they cause you suffering.

Rabbi Elchonon Hertzman writes that he once met someone who was especially intelligent and knowledgeable, and also partially paralyzed. Although he moved around in a wheelchair, he was extremely calm and patient. He ran a large business and accomplished great things.

One day Rabbi Hertzman heard his story: The handicapped man came from a wealthy home and his parents could afford all the help they wished. Nevertheless, they planned that they would not allow their son's physical defect to be a deterrent factor in his life. They forced him to do everything by himself. They made him cook and clean and do everything he needed without the assistance of anyone else.

At first, the neighbors thought that the parents were exceedingly cruel. They later realized that by instilling in their son the attitude that he could do whatever he had the confidence he could do, the parents had given him the greatest gift possible.