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Nisan 29
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The rational mind can rule over the heart (Tanya ch. 12).

Two hundred years ago, Rabbi Schneur Zalman stated this fundamental principle: our minds can control our emotions. When people do not use their minds to their full capacity, their emotions take charge.

Anxiety is one of the most frequent symptoms that bring people to the psychotherapist's office. It is defined as a feeling of intense fear that occurs in complete absence of any actual threat. Anxious people readily admit that the fear is groundless, yet emotionally they cannot subdue it.

A method of treatment of anxiety, known as "Mental Health Through Will Training," was developed by Dr. Abraham Low. His system strengthens people's rational capacity in order to master their runaway emotions. While some types of anxiety come from biochemical causes, and therefore require medical treatment, his method has proven itself to be an effective approach to conquering anxiety.

Too often, people resign themselves to a state of helplessness and allow themselves to be overwhelmed by stressful emotions. We ought to have greater respect for and confidence in our rational power.

Today I shall...

realize that my rational mind is far more powerful than I had assumed, and I will seek ways to develop it to its full capacity.

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(1) Rose VanSickle, May 4, 2011 7:06 PM

Low's work lives on

Abraham Low's work lives on. The Recovery International (RI) self-help program he developed has been teaching people wellness tools for more than 70 years. In addition to being extremely valuable for increasing rational capacity with regard to anxiety, Low’s Method targets symptoms, and therefore bridges over many different diagnoses. Those who are stressed, depressed, anxious, panicky, angry, confused, lonely or different can benefit. Because of Dr. Low and RI, I have gone from being housebound by panic and depression -- to being able to do anything I choose to do. I have gained improved emotional, physical and spiritual health, self-leadership and confidence in every area of my life --- and I am immensely grateful.


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