Crossing the Religious/Secular Divide

One step is for everyone to stop making sweeping generalizations.

Israeli Taxi Drivers

The best way to get the pulse of the nation.


Make the time to give of yourselves.

It's Not Fair!

What message do we give our children when we say, "Life isn't fair"?

Honoring Rav Noah's Legacy

On the occasion of Rabbi Weinberg's yahrzeit, help dedicate a new sefer Torah in his name.

The Sad Israeli Campaign

The aborted pr campaign is unfortunate in so many ways.

There for a Reason

Think you're in the wrong place? Think again.

Losing the Chanukah Battle

Are you prepared to give your life for Judaism?

Different Strokes

Don't expect your kids to be the same.

Bubbie Boot Camp

You're not doing God any favors.

You're a Leader

It's up to all of us to take responsibility for the Jewish people.

Thank You Mrs. Hoffman

Who are you going to personally thank this year?

Intimacy: What's Sacred?

Why pre-marital relations is a bad idea.

Default Judaism

The Jewish middle class is disappearing.

Bringing Our Kids Home

We can all reach out to our fellow Jews.

Wiring Our Kid's Hard Drives

Everything we say to our kids goes in, and one day they're going to access it.

Yom Kippur: Raise the Bar

Bringing the power of the day into the rest of your life.

Rosh Hashanah: Extending Life

Getting signed into the Book of Life.

A Second Look at Judaism

Torah has practical wisdom for every aspect of life.


How many rooms do you really need in your house?

Deciding for Tomorrow

Appreciating the consequences of our decisions.

Learn Hebrew

Why it's worth putting in the effort.

Loving Jews from Afar

Working on loving Jews that are different than you.

Watch Your Mouth

How you speak not only affects others, it impacts your soul.

Pivotal Moments

We all have moments that change everything. What's yours?

Never Too Late

Don't underestimate the influence you can still have on your children.

Becoming American

Like becoming a Jew, it takes real knowledge and commitment.

The Woman on the Plane

Lasting Jewish pride is based on a strong Jewish education.

Meeting Avital Sharansky

What I learned from this genuine Jewish hero.

My Israel Connection

There is no other place like the Land of Israel.

To Tweet or Not to Tweet

Have we crossed a line with all this sharing?

Eye on the Goal

It's amazing the amount of pain we'll take when we're focused.

Passover & the Jewish Mission

This Seder recommit to the Jewish People's unique mission.

Jewish Women Renaissance Project

Birthright for women: A powerful program is inspiring Jewish women.

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