Sharing Our Heritage

Most Jews know very little about Judaism. You can change that.

Don't Wait

You may never have that opportunity again.

The Cheater

Are we expecting too much from our kids at school?

Empowering Others

I want my children and students to be greater than me.


You are a unique piece in God's puzzle.

Crying Girl on Plane

What do you do when you witness poor parenting.

Dont Quit!

Conquering frustration in one area of your life.

Lori's Stock Tip

The last place to cut back is with your charity dollars.

Moving to Israel

Don't hold your kids back from living the ideals you taught them.

The Person Next Door

Sometimes we take for granted the people closest to us.

Thinking and Overthinking

Getting in the right frame of mind to make decisions

Anyone Listening?

Getting the runaround? There's always one direct line available.

Chanukah and Women

Women played an instrumental role in the Chanukah story.

Fear Not

Don't pass your fears on to the next generation.

Walmart Dreams

Why do so many of us want to be greeters at Walmart?

A Long Goodbye

Would you want to die suddenly in your sleep

Kosher Burger

I couldn't wait to taste that hamburger.

Parenting Teenagers

Empathize! You were once a teenager too.

Universal Jew

We may have different customs and languages, but Jewish wisdom speaks to us all.

Expanding Time

By using your time for others, God will somehow give you more time.

Having a Sukkah

Growing up I didn't know about the holiday of Sukkot.

The Lost Camera

Yes God is everywhere, but in Israel He feels a lot closer.

Jewish Idealism

A key difference between living in Israel and the United States.

Love Giving

Does love lead to giving, or does giving lead to love?

No Time to Think

Who needs a TV in the elevator?

Don't Call Home!

What happened to sending away your kids to camp?

Time to Let Go

There's more to life than your relationship with your kids.

The Three A's of Marriage

Attention, affection and appreciation. It's not rocket science.

Jewish Convert to Islam

Why couldn't she find what she was looking for in Judaism?

Shavuot: Standing at Sinai

Transcending the pettiness that divides us.


What is so abhorrent about the pig?

Mother's Day

What I learned from my mother: A personal appreciation.


What makes you lose your cool? Is it really worth it?


Choose your social pressure wisely.

Family Gathering

How to enjoy your family this Passover.

Passover Drawers

When we clean out the stuff, we're cleaning out ourselves.

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