Baseball Hero

'"I was young and stupid." Were you really?

The 24-Hour Rule

Sometimes it's best to go to sleep angry.

Parents in Movies

Are they going to be dead or divorced?

Out of Faith

What it takes to ensure your granchildren will marry Jewish.

Rabbi Weinberg's Love

One way how we can carry on Rabbi Weinberg's legacy.


Don't pretend the energy isn't there.

First Day On the Job

New beginnings are hard for all of us.

Answering Israel's Call

Would you send your husband or son to the front lines to fight for the Jewish People?

Friends & Acquaintances

It's no accident that the Hebrew word for friend means 'attachment' – because a real friend is bound to you through thick and thin.

Getting Married

Two important insights about marriage.

Chanukah's Glow

'Tis the season to know what it means to be a Jew.

In the News

Why do I need to follow the news?

Corner the Market

Pick one mitzvah you're going to do to the ultimate.

Giving Thanks

Lincoln's original proclamation was a tribute to the Almighty.

Matchmaker! Matchmaker!

Make the effort. After all, you're just the messenger.

Being Angry at God

God has big shoulders; He can take it.

I Deserve

Why do so many kids cry at their own birthday party?

Our Job As Parents

Director, supervisor, and consultant.

My Husband's Story

Walking across the Sinai desert and running out of water.

The House Always Wins

When one spouse is more committed Jewishly than the other.

Don't Go After Your Eyes And Your Heart

Don't Go After Your Eyes And Your Heart

Contemplating Divorce

Divorce is like amputation -- it's only done when the marriage is killing you.

Learning from Mistakes

A wise person learns from other people's mistakes.

It Starts with You

Don't become religious for someone else.

Make It Personal

You don't have to be personally affected in order to fight for a cause.

At the Holocaust Museum

What can we do to strengthen the Jewish people.

Finding Money

Ask God, anytime, in any language.

Creating Memories

How you react shapes your kids memories forever.

Kelly O'Neil

You never know where and when Elijah the Prophet will show up.

The Thank You People

Where does the word "Jewish" come from?

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