Israelis Living Abroad

Many are open to taking a fresh look at Judaism.

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(4) Anonymous, June 29, 2014 6:32 PM

Reason for so many Yordim is that Israeli media praises the U.S. to the point that...

Israeli kids growing up in Israel watching TV see how the adults are falling over themselves about everything "America" American music- rock, American sports, American movies. Kids are perceptive and they understand that the Israeli establishment is promoting Israel to be LIKE America. So these kids grow up and think - if the goal is to be like America why settle for poor imitation when i can go live in America?! with no army and no crazy taxes no terrorism and homes that are affordable? So they leave by the hundreds of thousands- what a surprise. That's political zionism which said to create a state LIKE every other state (esp America). Unlike religious zionism which places a much stronger value to living in Israel.
Lori is right though - reach out to the Israelis living in your community. If not they will assimilate very quickly.

(3) Gunzel51, June 26, 2014 9:26 PM

Israelis go everywhere - even to places away from LA, Toronto, New York, DC and Costa Rica. In fact, everywhere really means everywhere as well as North America - even New Zealand (that's off the coast of California for you North Americans - waaayyy off the coast).
Sometimes they go there after meeting and marrying a visitor to Israel. And sometimes that visitor isn't Jewish.
When they go to the other country they have a few kids, and usually divorce a few years later. Now they're stuck because Israelis love their kids and they find it hard to leave them and return back to Israel, which they would love to do. If it wasn't for Chabad, life for these people would be incredibly tough.

(2) Ra'anan, June 26, 2014 6:54 PM

very right...

So many times I saw that Israelis had no one to connect to when abroad. The only people who would look at them were Chabad, they'd show up in large numbers at Chabad. Any time we'd invite total "strangers" from Israel for dinner or lunch they grab it w/both hands.

(1) Sidney, June 22, 2014 8:55 PM

Agree 100%, True but Sad

Reb. Lori is 100% correct.

However there is much more to be addressed (besides politics and religion being intertwined in Erets Yisrael.) Isn't one million people a colossal failure? (I am not using the term Chillul Hashem because most people here (Jewish or not) are not aware of this.)

We have had over the last 2,000 years most of the Jews in the Diaspora. Until 1750 they were mostly observant (called Orthodox nowadays to various extents) and they prayed at least 3 times a day (even on the Sabbath when most personal prayers are dispensed with) for the return of the Divine presence (as well of course the entire Jewish people to nearby) to Zion and Jerusalem.

Since the 1870s or so there have ben various opinions about Jews returning to Erets Yisrael but who would have imagined (until recently) whether by one living in Erets Yisrael or here in the Golah, that one million native Jewish Israelis would end back in the Golah?

As Rabbi Salomon would say ,"truly something to think about!!!"


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