Making Judaism Resonate

Creating Jewish connections with the younger generation.

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Dedicated leilu nishmat Zivia bat Yehiel

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(11) Anonymous, June 29, 2014 9:50 AM

So how do we do it?

Hi, I am working for a Jewish community and I would love to reach out and get more people in / involved and connected. But how can I do it? Do you have any ideas? What is the new way to get people connected?
Love and shavua tov - Chana

(10) Chaya, February 8, 2014 7:15 AM

Lori I agree,, but the old way is the only way that works

Lori- you raise the most crucial issue that the Jewish community faces today.. which is how to retain its Jewishness in which we Jews act as Jews and pass on our precious heritage to future generations.. however, I would say that the 'old way' is the ONLY way to do this.. Judaism doesn't need to remarket itself.. the lessons of the Torah apply to us in the modern age just as much as they did thousands of years ago. We need Torah wisdom more than ever to ground our children in a very morally backwards world in which we live in today.. however the only communities that are effective in preserving Jewish heritage are often.. the Orthodox communities.. why? Because it begins with raising children withtin a family that has strong ties to the Jewish community- but that way is traditional and often doesn't bend or mend itself to the secular modern world.. so the key is to teach children from a very early age and for the family to make Judaism an active part of their lives and to raise a child in a strong Jewish community... education is important, but without a strong sense of familial and community ties, it is difficult for the Jew living in the modern world to really have a true Jewish identity

(9) Rachel in NJ, January 19, 2014 8:06 AM

You're on the right track.

I think your Jewish Women's Renaissance Project sounds like an amazing way to reach women. I would so love to do something like that even though I am already an observant Zionist visiting Israel with my family frequently. Even more, would love to bring my not so committed younger sister. But truth be told, leaving the husbands and kids behind is not an option. Still, knowing it exists is inspiring! It would be nice to have some of the former participants do videos with you about their experiences.

Your videos are also great because they are upbeat, get quickly to the point and can be viewed after a busy mom puts the kids to bed and is ready to put her feet up. In other words, after the older women would no longer be willing to go out for a meeting and speakers would no longer be willing to speak. I mean, where else can you gain inspiration at 9:30/10:00 PM without having to worry about who'll watch the kids, how you look or who you'll sit with? Furthermore, the virtual world IS where the younger moms do most of their communication. Maybe you can help the older generation reach the younger through some entertaining yet poignant videos. Entertainment they recognize they need and DO make a priority! Or maybe have some women who have made aliyah (or even taken on a mitzvah, middah or chessed) share interesting stories to empower the younger generation(s) in the way you do or with you interviewing them. You could call it Late Night with Lori!

(8) Matti, January 18, 2014 7:10 PM

Speak softly and carry a big Mitvah

The way to connect is not through speech but in deed. People, particularly the young, look first at what we do to see if we are acting consistently with our stated beliefs. We need to vote with our hands, our hearts and minds. You want young people to live in Israel, move to Israel. You want young people to keep the Torah, interact with them in a way which is consistent with the Mitvot and Torah values. The truth will come through much louder than through in any vort on the parsha (though this does have its place). Do what Rav Noach ztzl did - see the greatness in every Jew. Make them feel it too and that you believe in their greatness. Make them want to become the next Moshe Rebanu and believe that it is possible. Help them find a job if they are down on luck or find a mate. Invite them for Shabbat - remember (and i am speaking to myself) the power of "nice" as I heard Rav Pliskin once say. It cant be underestimated. Every neshama is crying out "Respect me! Value me! Love me!" If you can do this, you can change their life. When you have something to say about Torah and life, they will be ready to listen or they may just ask you first!

(7) sharona, January 17, 2014 5:46 AM

We need to help people live it instead of just giving them info. People need to experience the joy and beauty. For example, those families that have many different guests for a Shabbat meal help people to feel it inside.

(6) Maureen Katz, January 16, 2014 5:54 PM

One person at a time

We must never give up dear Lori. Every Jewish family has the potential to feel Judaism the way a lot of us do and those of us who do DO must always show their enthusiasm to others through song stories food and focused community events like a havdallah skate party in this city. I am hopeful and ready to do my part. Kol hakavod. Miss seeing u live.

(5) David Koster, January 16, 2014 2:11 AM

the best Jewish website

I wish that everyone who is not frum would log onto WHAT A DIFFERENCE IT WOULD MAKE!!

elizabeth, January 18, 2014 3:19 PM

Thanks so much for introducing me to I never heard of it and now look forward to their newsletters, etc.Kol a kavod for sharing with one more Jew!

(4) Nancy, January 14, 2014 11:32 PM

We Jews need to stop picking on one another. We are one family. I am so tired of the different subgroups of Judaism (Orthodox, Conservative, Reform and Reconstructionist) attacking each other. We also need to provide our children/adolescents/young adults with a solid foundation in Torah Judaism. Finally, nobody is perfect. It is better to make a mistake in this journey than not to make an effort at all.

(3) Alan S., January 13, 2014 10:40 PM

True, but...

There still is something to be said for the "old, proven ways" of doing things.

(2) TMay, January 13, 2014 11:34 AM

Leftism Lite

A few years ago I asked Hadassah to mobilize to ask the US to make sure Iran did not get nuclear weapons. They wrote back that they don't get involved in political things. Then when there was a very questionable thing regarding women disrupting prayers at the wall they jumped in with both feet to scream about women's lib. I give to Hadassah. It's a good hospital. I thought why not prevent the hundreds of thousands or millions of casualties ahead to be treated by the hospital instead of the "don't mind us, we'll just sit here with bombs raining down on us" attitude. But then again I'm not a Leftist, which I realize is unusual for an American Jew. (I grew up in Montreal.) I also think that the synagogues have to believe in God and in Exodus to pass it on to children. Children know whether they are being lied to. Hiring someone secular from Israel who knows how to speak Hebrew is not enough. I am not saying parents have to, but synagogues and rabbis should IMHO. So many synagogues are Leftist Lite and people can get their Leftism from all over society without paying big bucks to belong to a synagogue. Some synagogues are anti-Israel. As Leftism becomes more overtly anti-Semitic, I think Jews will have to choose. Judaism is here because of the remnant, generation after generation beginning with the Exodus. I disagree with those reform rabbis who took heir fight over recognition to their congregations. Chabad is successful because they believe, and they study Judaism, not Leftism, and have knowledge, and a sense of unity with Israel. It is hard on them as their best congregants move to Israel. BTW, Krauthammer is a product of the Montreal Jewish community and his article and link to an open letter to sign, regarding the boycott of Israel by the American Studies Association is excellent this week. "Fighting academic bigotry" by Charles Krauthammer 1/10/2014

(1) Harry Pearle, January 12, 2014 3:49 PM

Make Torah Resonate with EASY buttons?

Lori, you were the first person I gave an EASY button to. Would you consider hitting the button on one of your videos? Let me suggest it.............I think part of the problem in motivating people to become more observant is that is seems too difficult a process. But if we can break it down into easy steps, maybe we can see real change over time............I challenge you to use the EASY button on a video. Hey, sending you this comment was...easy. I say, EASY DOES IT!

THANKS / Harry


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