Dropping the Mask

It's good to laugh at ourselves.

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(7) Nicki, March 7, 2012 7:12 AM


I'm dressing up as a "hippie" but painted a box to put around me/over me as a Volkswagon bus with bumper stickers all over it (California License Plate stating "LOVE") Volkswagon emblem replaced by a peace sign, "Free Tibet", "Surf Rider Foundation", "Green Peace", "Honk for Hamentashen", even a "Gifilte" Fish emblem in the rear view mirror. I never knew this explanation of Purim but it fits very well with my costume this year. Even though my husband is the Environmental Engineer in real life, I'm more of the tree-huggin-granola-crunchin' type. :) Have a Happy Purim!

(6) Melanie Vliet, March 7, 2012 12:37 AM

Not the Idea at All!

As someone else commented, at Purim we dress up as characters in the Book of Esther. I have always loved costumes of inanimate objects, so last year I won our congregation's costume contest with a gallows costume. This year I'm going as the banquet table.

(5) Jan, March 6, 2012 10:19 PM

source please?

Who says dressing up is the theme that you proposed? Where does that come from?

(4) ruth housman, March 6, 2012 2:26 PM

who are we?

I thought Purim was a time we assume the costumes of those in he Purim story and can be any of the actors. In this broader context, who would you be, or what would you be, I would say I would be a Tree, as I see life as the ultimate tree, we climb, as climb also contains limb, and I see us as dancers, and myself as a dancer, as the trees are moved by wind, and the leaves fall in autumn, as leaves of books, they turn, and for me the color of red, is for me, totally metaphoric of God and the burning bush. And I would be shelter for birds, and have deep roots that are nourished in all kinds of weather, and for rain,I think of God and that God reigns supreme. And I would want my descendants, from this tree, that I am, to feel always nurtured by the life I brought forth, by that love, and so I would be a tree with many limbs, and many circling arms, and I would enfold the world, in that love that I feel, for being here, for all Creation. I think that would be, my truest identity, and it would be fun, to imagine and to clothe myself as a tree, perhaps an apple, perhaps a blossoming tree, or even one with skeletal limbs, because I believe it all refreshes, as souls do, in this a journey of soul, that is eternal and eternally renewed.

(3) Anonymous, March 5, 2012 4:33 PM

I loved this question which I'd never thought about before.

I'd love to be a woman living in Meah Shearim

(2) Alan S., March 5, 2012 1:12 PM

The idea that wearing a ‘mask’ changes our true innermost selves is wrong. I truly have never been comfortable with the idea that the face (or dress or uniform) we wear ‘masks’ our many different identities. Quite the opposite, these many ‘masks’ are our identity, and if anything, truly does signify who we are. Perhaps we might wear one face or ‘mask’ for extended periods depending on the road of our life that we are on. But the idea that the ‘mask’ or face or hat we are wearing at a particular time does not truly reflect who we are is fallacious. Indeed, our dress, uniform or mask at a particular moment in time does accurately reflect who we are. If we are wearing our ‘chauffeur’ mask because we are taking our kids to school, lo and behold, if we were able to look in the mirror at that moment and analyze ourselves, we would obviously say that we are chauffeurs! Why are we trying to cover up who we are? Who are we fooling by saying that a particular mask allows ourselves to be hidden? No one is being ‘fooled’. HaShem may have acted behind the scenes, in a manner of speaking, masking his obvious self, but we know that it was, and is HaShem that – clearly-- guides our lives.

(1) TMay, March 4, 2012 11:01 PM

sub conscious

I let my subconscious choose each year. Once I went as Green Helmet guy photographer, one as Queen Esther of Avatar, blue and with ears and a tail, one as a Persian Queen Esther, This year I am going to go as the lion of Judea .


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