The Real You: Pleasure of Understanding

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(8) Anonymous, September 7, 2012 5:36 PM


Yes, I definitely agree that it is a blessing along with a curse* because one can't just turn off this ability. Sometimes I wish I could just have not a care in the world when sitting at the library, my house or walking around a store or at the coffee shop.. As soon as I am where I am, I can feel the presence of people’s emotions almost like read them. It does affect the way I am feeling. I start to act different, flowing into what their mood is. Which brings me to the point of being good in the field of psychology. I enjoy helping people but when I get too in tune with peoples 'issues', it feels like I am actually living/ carrying their burden on my shoulders as well. Sometimes I can just see/understand something, completely as it is, without being to explain it. I wish I was not so emotional, but I do have to say it does have some perks. I am able to be in tune to say what people want to hear rather than what I want to say.. which is a conflict with in myself a lot of times. Another point that you brought up, I happen to enjoy structure even when younger –I believe it helps with balance! Thank you for your video; it helped me learn something new :)

(7) rochel, September 5, 2012 5:01 PM

Thank you lori & naomi-comment 3

Thank you lori, you opened my eyes to understanding myself and one of my kids so clearly!! - finally some understanding as to why I'm so sensitive! if anyone has any ideas on how to shut off the sensitivity aspect -I'd love to hear about it and thank you naomi (comment 3) for opening me up to "JWRP" site, more Lori video clips, Im so excited !

(6) Anonymous, September 5, 2012 1:13 AM

chaim soul

A chaim soul is not necessarily an absent-minded professor. A chaim soul may not function well in a school environment, although the majority , in my experience, perform extremely well in school. The may be bored, yet an intellectual environment is one which they crave. What is crucial, is that a chaim "body" not confuse himself with a chaim "soul" and try to pursue , for example, intellectual pursuits when that person is actually better suited to performing acts of chesed or being a community organizer, for example. Another common characteristic of chaim body is anger and over-sensitivity, although a chaim body as you mentioned, can be intuitive and sensitive. Lori, thanks for the review ! Brings back lots of good memories of long discussions on this topic. Shana tova !

(5) Jerry, September 4, 2012 10:26 PM

Thank you

Lori thanks for educating me for I am new to the faith

(4) ruth housman, September 4, 2012 5:18 PM

Chaim soul

We call this sensitivity to a deep degree and often those who are hurt, exhibit this, because they "know" firsthand, and feel deeply, perhaps because from birth they are sensitive. I would say this applies to most children. They are the real thing. Genuine and ready to go! To be very sensitive is a blessing and a curse because life IS hard, and cruelty is everywhere, and unfairness, and a chaim soul feels this. As to thinking out of the box, yes, the only way to make leaps is to realize, what we are totally "ordered" to do, as in schools that are rigid with their rules, is think a lot as we are taught, and not to go in imaginative directions. Many children are disciplined for not coloring within the lines, when, in fact, their imaginative drawings, outside the lines, truly sing. And many children who sing, are told, they can't sing. And so it goes. Perhaps the chaim soul is universal and we quell it. Perhaps what's inherent in all children is something we need to bring out as we need them, as they are surely what enlivens us, and when we talk of the child within, it's that little mischievous one, yearning to play, yearning to be seen and to be part of that greater scene. I was on the HIgh Line in New York just two weekends ago, and saw an artist with a box, and the words on the box were, painting outside the box, and he WAS. So he took the concrete and made it real and that's Creativity in a nutshell!

(3) Naomi, September 4, 2012 3:17 PM


Loved the way you presented that & I am definitely staying tuned to hear the rest... (How can I get in touch with Lori to find out about the Birthright program for adults(not students) was told to contact her-but not sure how to go about that) Thank you, Naomi Bhatia

Lori, September 5, 2012 11:28 AM

Birthright for Women

For information, go to:

(2) Tmo310, September 4, 2012 12:31 AM

Charm soul...

This is very interesting... I feel like I am I live in both body and soul... But I do live in my head a lot and I forget to focus on the now... I think I forgot how to focus on the now...

(1) JD, September 3, 2012 2:20 PM

Chaim soul

Can't wait to hear about the other two body/soul types. Chaim soul seems like me but how can we be sure? Everybody wants to believe they are a genius. Either way I definitely have the absent-minded professor quality down to a tee. I'm pretty good at reading other peoples feelings as well but not sure that's my 'default setting.' This series is already shaping up to be more interesting and informative than I could have expected. THANKS!


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