Three Ways to Make Rosh Hashanah Great

How to prepare for the big day.

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(3) Anonymous, September 22, 2013 10:51 AM


In May 2000 I was working as a recreational Director in a senior citizen home in Brooklyn. Every few monthes I was supposed to check to see which books had to go to the garbage & which sefarim needed to go to shamous. I found a cook book that was frayed, instead of throwing it away I took it home & covered it in plastic that it shouldn't fall apart. For years I left it in the kitchen, I never used it. Three years ago my teenager didn't know how to make an egg salad sandwich I then told her she has to learn to cook little by little. Now she looks online for recipes or in the Hamishe' cookbook.She was looking for something special a cookbook for chagim. Before Rosh Hashana just as college started she found my old cookbook which was printed in 1987.She has used many of the recipes. Ilooked to see who wrote the cookbook to my surprise THE TASTE OF SHABBOS .the complete Shabbos cookbook. A project of Aish Hatorah womans org. Many years ago this cookbook was used now 2 generations later my daughter is proud to use it for Shabbat & Chagim. By the way she now spends time looking to see what herbs can be use.She also learned how to make an egg salad sandwich.S' Hashem yachtim eht Klal Yisrael B'sefer Hachayim. Shalom, Babbayit, Bavodah B'aretz. Shalva Nafsheet.. Sheh' nishma V' nashmea roock B' sorot tovot. Kol mishalot leebchem rock litova.

(2) Anonymous, September 3, 2013 5:06 PM

At this time next year I hope I can get my husband and son to join me at services. I also hope to be taking on more mitzvot in terms of Shabbos observance. For about 18 years I have been lighting candles on Friday night every week. I also refrain from spending money on Shabbat. This past Shabbat I resolved to keep my TV set off for 25 hours, and read instead. I got a lot of reading done, and frankly Shabbat is my absolute FAVORITE day to read. However, I was only able to keep my TV off for 1/4 of Shabbat. With that said, I'm not giving up this goal. Shana Tova to you and yours.

Anonymous, September 4, 2013 8:39 PM

You are amazing and an inspiration. Shana Tova and may you and your family only keep growing in torah. Shana tova umesuka!

(1) Naomi Hatfield, September 2, 2013 11:06 AM


I was born Jewish but I do not enjoy organized religion. I do not belong to a temple anymore, but I do enjoy my Jewish heritage. I did like your bit of inspriation. My holiday will be celebrated with family centered around good thoughts and food. Thank you


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