Music Is Medicine

If I can help change the world, so can you.

Skeleton Key

Gratitude opens every door.

Perfect Flaws

Life – and the people in it – are not perfect. They're not supposed to be.

Breaking Away from the Bully

Slavery is more than just forced labor.

Don't Wait to be a Hero

A volunteer firefighter tells a story of an act of heroism that didn't go quite as expected.

Haman's Voice Within

According to Haman, Brooks Conrad is a total failure, and so are you.

Excess Baggage

Is emotional baggage sabotaging your relationships?

How to Get Rich: Ethics of Fathers 4:11

The connection between monetary wealth and Jewish wisdom.

Take The Shot

The only failure is not trying.

Runner's Kick

Ever feel like you just can't reach the finish line?

Avoiding Life's Freakouts

Thinking about the meaning of life.

The Art of Positive Thinking

Negative thinking doesn't just ruin a family dinner, it ruins lives.


Love comes in many guises.

Perfection vs. Good Enough

How to stop berating yourself and persevere in trying your best.

Don’t Burn the Day

Dave Matthews, two funerals and one wake up call.

Facing the Music

A year after my mother's death, I couldn't bring myself to listen to music again.

Chanukah and Burnout

Why didn't God simply give the Jews an eight-day supply of oil?

Soul Ignited

This Chanukah, tap into the light.

Breakfast with Tzvi: Black Sabbath

A lesson for life from the heavy metal world of rock n roll.

Empty Your Pockets

Why the Jewish month of Kislev is the opportune time to lighten your load.

A Taste of Slow

We are losing the ability to savor food and ideas.

Judaism & the 12 Steps

Is the 12-step program kosher?

Soup Kitchen Chaos

We are all hungry for something.

One of Those Days

God has a good sense of humor. I was the butt of one of His jokes.

Self Respect Versus Arrogance

Will the real me please stand up?

Expert Advice

Seeking the elusive middle ground between humility and leadership.

Man on a Wire

Can you imagine taking this step?

The Big C: Cancer and Coincidence

Experiencing the most bizarre one-in-a-billion coincidence, I was petrified.

Yom Kippur: Everyone Falls

It's getting up afterwards that matters.

Harness the Wind

William Kamkwamba's amazing Rosh Hashana lesson.

Rosh Hashanah: The Tipping Point

Make this Jewish new year extraordinary.

Rosh Hashanah: What's Love Got to Do With It?

A surprising way to prepare for the High Holidays.

The Crime I Didn’t Commit

Change for the New Year starts here.

It’s Not Easy Being Green

Getting rid of your toxic waste.

A High Price

You never know how your words can affect another person.


Harvey S. Hecker Character Development Series: Living in the Age of Narcissism.


21 friends, 252 pounds, 8 weeks... $10,000

Tisha B'Av: The Root of Destruction

The meaning behind the tears.

Correcting Our Vision

Why did God create so many of us with faulty vision?

Ethics of the Fathers: Overconfidence

A rush to judgment poses the greatest threat to a civil society.

Spiritual Ecology

Everything in the world has the capacity to serve a higher purpose, even mice.

My Student, My Teacher

Sometimes it’s the blind who lead the sighted.

Start at the Bottom

John Wooden and his remarkable shoelace lesson.

The Gift of Desperation

How did I lose 68 pounds and morph into the person I dreamed of becoming?

Taking Stock of Apple

Spiritual lessons from Apple Inc.

Reach for the Quarter

Why God loves charity.

How to Say Thank You

It's all in the details.

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