The Big Day

My brother was the little train no one thought could. Did he ever prove everyone wrong.

The Jewish American Girl

"What makes her Jewish, Mommy?"

My Car Accident

"I'm a good person," I told myself, convinced that this was an arbitrary act on God's part and indignant that it happened to me.

Shavuot: The Secret of Inspiration

Why did God wait 49 days before giving the Torah?

Counting Up

Moving step by step towards Shavuot.

Things We Take for Granted

Even those suffering from multiple sclerosis fall into the trap of taking things for granted.

Grandma's Gift of Love

My cousin made a wreck out of his life. But my grandmother never stopped believing in him.

Let Our Spirits Soar: Ethics of the Fathers, 4:4

Acquiring the confidence that comes from true humility.

Beyond the Rules

How Judaism is a vehicle for spiritual self-expression.

Battle Plans

Strategies for winning your inner struggles.

Losing Weight this Passover

Passover's solution to why diets don't work.

God vs. Prozac

Prominent scientists show the efficacy of trust in God to treat anxiety.

Nothing is Random: Ethics of the Fathers, 4:3

Thor Heyerdahl, Rosa Parks and Ben Azzai's great lesson.

Jewish Assertiveness Training

Finding the balance between confrontation and pulling away.

Surviving a Spiritual Recession

How to get through life's ups and downs.

Care Packages

Did it matter that I was being wrongfully accused? The bond between us was still broken.

The Diet for the Soul: Ethics of the Fathers, 4:2

Spiritual health demands the same kind of balance as physical health.

Brace for Impact

My emergency landing changed my life.

CPR for the Jewish Soul

Your small acts can make a huge difference. Here's what you can do.

Winning the Internal Battle

Inspired by Israel's soldiers, how can we fight to free our higher selves?

Life's True Success: Ethics of Fathers 4:1

The pursuit of happiness begins and ends with inner peace.


Countering the economic meltdown with a spiritual climb up.

Random Goodness

The quickest route to being a good guy.

Certainty and Doubt: Ethics of the Fathers, 3:23

Only through uncertainty can we ever find our way to wisdom.


Why do we focus on the spaces in our lives instead of the abundance?

My Painful Path to Happiness

I was a real monster and needed to change, fast.

A Friend Indeed

Four steps to helping a friend.

Dream Girl

I had a dream and because I'm a kid, I wasn't afraid to take risks and try to make it happen.

A Message in a Bottle

The secret of the wise man.

The Roots of Wisdom: Ethics of the Fathers, 3:22

The preservation of scholarship requires the fertile soil of virtue.

The Contortionist

Yogi Laser, the conveyer of light.

Delete Forever

Yom Kippur enables us to wipe out our soul spam.

Your Three Voices

How to live an inspired life.


Nobody's perfect. God understands that. Let's try to understand that too.

Time for Change

The American elections and Rosh Hashana.

The Way of the World: Ethics of the Fathers, 3:21

The road to fulfillment has no beginning and no end.

Positive Psychology and Judaism

What the most popular Harvard professor has to say about your happiness.

Speak Nicely

Audi Weitz has a few things she wants to tell the world.

Applying "The Last Lecture"

If you had one last lecture to give before you died, what would it be?

The Goldilocks Syndrome: Ethics of the Fathers, 3:20

In our pursuit of happiness, all we desire is not for the taking.

Miracle Fruit

A panacea for bitterness? There's more to learn from the miracle fruit than how to enjoy your tequila.

How to Deal with Nonsense Criticism

Don't get angry. Why let someone else dictate how you feel?

Hypermiling Your Life

How to maximize mileage for the most important journey you'll ever take.

To Foresee the Future: Ethics of the Fathers, 3:19

The greatest mystery of creation is as simple as a little girl's laughter.

Which Road Not Taken?

Robert Frost and the forces of habit.

Who's the Boss?

Nearly all anger is rooted in the thought that "I can control the situation."

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