Other People's Shoes

Strategies for judging favorably.

The Hero Within

Twelve years after contracting Lou Gehrig's Disease, Dr. Rahamim Melamed-Cohen, now totally paralyzed, enjoys a life of productivity -- and love.

Done Shopping

I thought I needed a new sweater, but what I really needed was a new outlook.

Three Reflections: Ethics of the Fathers, 3:1

How to make sure you stay on the right path.

Winning the Race: Ethics of the Fathers, 2:21

In spiritual pursuits, the very act of trying counts as success.

Slam Dunking

Three important lessons I learned from basketball.

Collecting Diamonds: Ethics of the Fathers, 2:20

The time is short and diamonds are everywhere!

The Security of Wisdom: Ethics of the Fathers, 2:19

To understand why we believe what we believe, know how to answer a heretic.

Ten Don'ts for Kindness

Ten common things to watch out for when performing acts of kindness.


What should have been a joyous time of pregnancy became instead a time of terrible worry and fear, largely because I allowed it to be.

The Relevance of Prayer: Ethics of the Fathers, 2:18

Prayer is more than a response to crisis; it is an exercise in self-reflection and self-evaluation.

Grand Larceny: Ethics of the Fathers, 2:17

As much as we owe the Almighty gratitude for our intrinsic natural abilities and talents, we owe Him even more for those blessings that are extrinsic.


Could it be that uttering some well-chosen mantras can really change your life?

The Spiritual Workout

When life's challenges feel like an Olympic training program.

Keep Your Eye on the Expert

This Rosh Hashana, become the person you wish you were.

The Evil Eye: Ethics of the Fathers, 2:16

When everything we have just isn't enough.

Ethics of the Fathers, 2:15: Three Foundations of Spiritual Harmony

To achieve spiritual harmony, a Jew has to achieve perfection in his relationship with the Almighty, with society, and with himself.

Where is My Mind?

You know where your hands are; do you know where your mind is?

Spiritual Vertigo: Ethics of the Fathers, 2:14

Protecting oneself from spiritual myopia.

Ethics of the Fathers, 2:13: Lighting the Way through Darkness

What is the good path? An in-depth, mystical analysis

Soul Food

One day, we're all going on a long journey. We need to take along enough nourishment to last for eternity.

This Is a Test

Recognizing the spiritual challenges behind life's little calamities.

The Qualities of Greatness: Ethics of the Fathers, 2:10-11

What are the critical qualities needed to attain greatness?

As Vital as Oxygen: Ethics of the Fathers, 2:9

What was Rabban Yochanan ben Zakkai thinking?

The Real Thing: Ethics of the Fathers 2:8

LIFE: For best results, use as directed.

Thank You! 10 Formulas to Master Gratitude

Attaining happiness, joy, bliss, euphoria, ecstasy.

Waiting for the Next Miracle

Getting out of the "All-I-need-is" syndrome and embracing the moment.

Supersize Me! Ethics of the Fathers 2:8

Simple logic dictates that we cannot have it all and should not want it all. But since when did that stop us from trying? (Part 1)

Resolutions that Last

A little black book will help you keep the lessons of the holiday long past the week of celebration.

Empires Come and Go: Ethics of the Fathers: 2:7

In the midst of dark times, Hillel reminds us that Divine Providence guides every detail of history and justice will ultimately prevail.

Growing Joys

One amazing couple proves that it's never too late to change.

Universal Truths: Ethics of the Fathers: 2:6

In a universe that contains certain immutable truths, it's our responsibility to do our utmost to figure them out.

Divine Intimacy: Ethics of the Fathers, 2:4

The ideal marriage as a paradigm for our relationship with God.

Jews and Power: Ethics of the Fathers, 2:3

Jewish history is one cautionary tale after another: Be cautious of ruling powers.

Eaten Up with Envy

God didn't forget about you. If you were meant to have that home, spouse, career -- you'd have it.

Getting Off the Couch

Let go of the remote and get up and go.

Torah Study and Work: Ethics of the Fathers 2:2

Striking a balance between the world of the spirit and the world of the body.

Lost and Found In the Great Outdoors

Teenagers learn to reconnect with God and themselves in the wilderness.

The Garden of Forking Paths: Ethics of the Fathers 2:1

Practical wisdom on choosing wisely as we walk along the complex path of life.

Plan B

Relax. Just because our plans don't work out, doesn't mean that failure and disappointment are inevitable.

Miracle of Fire

The Human Potential Movement celebrates the power of man. Chanukah celebrates the power of the Divine.

It's My Party

A parable for Thanksgiving

God and Parents

God gives me what I need, not what I want.

God's Fingerprint

Looking for God in all the right places.

Finding Serenity

Overcoming the common myths in mastering the state of serenity.

Dieting and Yom Kippur

Dieting as a paradigm for spiritual elevation.

Feeling God's Presence

Spiritual exercises to connect to God's goodness in the world.

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